Why Are Handmade Leather Journals Useful?

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Travel Featured

Handmade leather journals are the holy grail of notebooks. That thickly bound cover and neat papers can be used for a variety of purposes. These are luxurious items which help you in writing down the thoughts which are precious to you. From scribbling art to taking important notes or writing your feelings down, handmade leather journals give weight to your words.

What kinds of leather journals are there?

When it comes to handmade leather journals, at olpr you can get anything from cheap ones at the market to expensive ones. They are also available in a variety of colours ranging from red tinted to yellow and green as well. But the colours aren’t just bold red or green splashed on the covers. Most of the time it is done in a way which makes the journal look exotic and fancy.

Why having a handmade leather journal is different?

A handmade leather journal from olpr means that you can be assured that your notebook was paid special attention to. It was handcrafted to perfection with one-of-a-kind designs and as such there is only one of kind like yours. This is something which you can’t find in a machine produced leather notebook which all look the same. A handmade leather notebook ensures that what you have is just uniquely yours in the whole world.

What happens when the pages run out?

Ofcourse when the pages run out in a normal notebook, that’s a signal for you to buy another one. But when it comes to handmade leather journals, you can simply refill the paper inside to start writing anew. The leather cover will stay just the same. There is a little psychological significance as well since you won’t have to fully part with the thing in which you poured your heart out or used for years. You basically won’t have to part with it till you want it to.

Types of Leather Journals

Apart from different colours and such, leather journal types also differ in sizes. At olpr you will find moleskine journals in hard and soft cover, mini journals, journal wallets as well as leather journals with pockets and pen holders. There are also Midori and Nanami journals which are from Japan’s premiere stationary shop.

Advantages of handmade leather journals from Olpr store

Sure there are varieties of handmade leather journals all over the world but at olpr there is something unique on offer:

  • Personalized: As said, here you will get your very own stylized and personalized leather journals. This means you won’t have to content yourself with something everyone has. You can tell them about the colour your want, the size you want and other little unique details to put in.
  • High quality: You can rest assured that the quality of leather used is high. The leather won’t tear or fall apart after use for a few months or so.
  • Monogramed: Sure the leather journals here are personalized but having a monogrammed leather journal ensures pure possession. But if you would rather have it engraved or embossed then that’s possible as well. This is a great idea if you want to give it as a gift.
  • Delivery: Having a great product means nothing if you can’t get it in time. Here you will get regular communication and a timely delivery so that you can use your product.

A handmade leather notebook or journal is a special thing which you can use to spill all your secrets in. The feel of holding leather in your hands will ensure that you feel special and that you have a space where you can be yourself.

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