Why Every Man Should Discuss Their Sexual Health with a Doctor

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Health Featured

There are many good reasons to discuss your sexual health with your doctor, including enjoying a more fulfilling sex life, but this is only one of the many benefits.

Being honest with your doctor will ensure that you stay safe and are aware of any factors that could affect your sex life and your general health. Many men feel far too embarrassed to speak to their physicians about their sexual health but there is honestly nothing they haven’t heard before.

If you’ve been wondering why you should be bringing your sexual health up with your doctor, here are four good reasons to make it a regular thing.

4 Reasons to Discuss Your Sexual Health with Your Doctor

Protect Yourself Against STIs

Knowing how to protect yourself from STIs, the symptoms to look out for and what your treatment options are will help you to enjoy a healthier and safer sex life. Since some STIs lead to additional health problems, it’s best to diagnose and treat them sooner rather than later. Your doctor can help you with suggestions on how to keep yourself protected while still ensuring that sex is enjoyable and exciting.

Boost Your Self Image

How you perceive yourself can also have an effect on your sexual health. Men who are struggling with the appearance of their penis can end up having an unfulfilling sex life but speaking to a doctor about these concerns can turn things around. Concerns about penis size is one of the many self-image issues that men struggle with but there are safe and effective solutions such as CALIBRE penis enlargement fillers that can change the way you feel about your manhood. Your doctor will also be able to provide you with additional suggestions that can help boost your self-image.

Improve Your Emotional Health

Your emotional and sexual health is very closely intertwined and issues such as stress and depression can affect your sex life. Knowing how to cope with emotional problems can give you the relief you need and help you enjoy being between the sheets once again. If you are currently taking medication for a condition such as depression, this could be affecting your ability to achieve and maintain an erection – your doctor can assist you with recommendations.

Lifestyle Recommendations

Finally, your lifestyle choices are another factor at play in your sex life. Discussing your tobacco, drug and alcohol use with your doctor can help you make healthy changes that can have far-reaching effects. Not only do certain lifestyle choices have an effect on your health in general but it can also affect your sexual health and how safe you are.

The bottom line is that speaking to your doctor about your sexual health goes far beyond your sex life. Your doctor can give you a clearer picture of your mental and physical health and what you can do to experience more happiness and health in every area of your life.

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