3 Creative Packaging Strategies to Boost Your Marketing Potential

by | May 23, 2019 | Business Feature

For over 150 years, companies in virtually every industry have designed creative packaging concepts to ensure that their products resonate in the minds of consumers and distinguish themselves against competitors. From the iconic shape of a Coca-Cola bottle to popular cereal-box mascots Snap, Crackle, and Pop, the use of distinctive product packaging as a means to cement a brand identity in the collective conscious is nothing new. Creative minds at companies across the United States work tirelessly to make more and more innovative packaging decisions so that their products will be the ones their consumer base remembers and chooses.

With the abundance of packaging options available to product manufacturers, it’s hard to select just one that stays on-brand, creates excitement and appeal, and helps set the product apart from the competition at a single glance. It’s important to form a lasting impression among your audience, but you also want to make sure they understand what your company and its products stand for, in order to increase lasting brand loyalty.¬† And you should also have the clear idea about how to start marketing agency. ¬†Here are three popular ways that a strong product packaging strategy can be used in an effective marketing campaign.

Stay True to You

When consumers think of your brand and products, what adjective do you want them to use to describe you? The answer to that question can go a long way toward deciding on a strong packaging strategy. It’s important to let your choices be guided by your brand values, not the other way around. For instance, a family-owned company that makes and sells artisanal cheese probably will want their products to evoke imagery of tradition, legacy, and old-fashioned quality, while a company that manufactures high-end cosmetics may opt for ultra-luxe packaging that puts consumers in mind of glamour and celebrity status. No matter what type of product you sell, it is always important to make sure your packaging is in line with the rest of your branding.

Send a Message

Does your company place value on being an ethical and responsible voice for certain political and social issues faced by members of you target audience faces? A number of companies choose to use their packaging as a platform for sending messages that correspond with the core beliefs of their organization. For instance, if your company is committed to protecting the environment, using eco-friendly packaging that is biodegradable or reusable can reinforce your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. Companies like Bolt Boxes for example makes all their boxes from recycled cardboard. Similarly, if you own a business that strongly supports animal rights , you may wish to include messages that echo your dedication to the cause on all of your product packaging. You can use your products to educate and empower your consumer base to make a huge impact on our society!

Simplify…and Save!

Sometimes the most effective packaging is none at all! If your brand wishes to convey an image of simplicity, it may be best to employ a minimalist packaging strategy in your marketing. For instance, if your goal is to reduce the wasted space created by standard food item packaging, such as a box or can, perhaps try to use a slimmer, more streamlined container to differentiate it from other brands. Not only does a packaging choice like this help set a brand apart from the rest in the eyes of consumers, but it also can seriously cut costs, saving your company money. Additionally, a simplified container can be a value-add for consumers who wish to cut down on unnecessary bulk for easier storage and disposal. By keeping it simple and designing low-profile product packaging, you’re actually helping it stand out from the rest of the competition!

When choosing the right packaging strategy for your product, keep in mind that, first and foremost, you must choose something that will resonate with your target audience and cause them to select your brand over others on the market. The more you know about your chief consumers, the more you will be able to make informed packaging decisions based on what matters most to them.

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