Who Else Benefits from US Gambling Law Changes?

by | May 20, 2019 | Sports Featured

Naturally, the changing legislation of gambling laws in the Us has had massive positive implications for online casinos and sports betting industry, both inside the US and further afield too. It is not isolated to just the industry it operates in specifically though, and implications for other industries are also prevalent, whether directly or indirectly.

Sporting League Sponsorship

One of the biggest industries that will be influenced by the changing legalisation are major sporting leagues and the teams within them. Of course, gambling and sport go hand in hand. This makes sporting leagues and teams the ideal companion to wave the flag for the online gambling industry by taking on sponsorship deals with casino companies. This is massive in Europe, with sports sponsorship everywhere. Casinos appear on kits of football teams, notorious competitions have taken on the name of casino companies and stadiums are rife with betting adverts, and US leagues are likely to follow suit. Top leagues in the US, such as the NHL, have already taken an interest in lucrative deals that benefit them financially and teams too will likely also likely start raking in funds from betting sponsorship before long.


As they say, you have to spend money to make money. This is particularly is important for online casinos as they attempt to expand their operations in the US. Advertising companies will more than happy to accept the casino coin to help further casinos presence on the online market. As such, before long you will start to see a lot more ads about gambling around, whether that is on TV, online or in the real world. Casinos and advertising companies alike will benefit from one another.

Banking Services

Funding your online casino account will need to be done by certain banking services that a casino accepts. As such, players will have to sign up at a banking service in order to play, who will then take a cut from the transactions. While, of course, you can just use your existing card or make a bank transfer, these can be lengthy both for deposits and withdrawals and it is not guaranteed your card will be accepted at every casino.  This won’t sit well with the players who emphasise speed and convenience, and would rather sacrifice a bit of money to ensure they aren’t left waiting days to play. A few new banking services specifically for casinos may also start popping up too in order to get in on the action.


Casinos don’t run themselves and these newly founded online casinos based in the US will be looking to recruit a workforce. The issue will be finding those qualified for gaming related roles, whether that is I-gaming market expert, programmers to create games and sites, customer support agents to deal with customers or anything else they might need to run the casino smoothly. Recruitment companies will be only too happy to step in and hunt down these suitably qualified persons and be rewarded handsomely for it. Casino specialist recruitment companies exist already elsewhere, but it is a barren landscape in The States so there is a clear gap in the market for such a service.

Clearly, there will be a few happy industries now the laws have been changed.

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