What to consider when looking to buy professional high-pressure cleaners

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Energy Feature

Professional pressure cleaners are powerful indispensable tools for both home and commercial users but more especially for commercial use. These tools charge water with high pressure turning them to a powerful cleaning force. The pressure the water comes out with varies from the type of the nozzle on the machine. Some are ideal for dirt removal while others can strip off paint from a surface. Annovi Reverberi is one of the most reliable and innovative companies when it comes to high professional pressure cleaners. They have wide-spread commercial and production area enabling them to improve their products continuously.

These powerful tools can be quite costly, and thus it is essential to consider the following factors before deciding to make a purchase.

  1. Your requirements

What is the purpose of the high-pressure cleaner? Is it for domestic use or professional use? Are you using it for boat cleaning, vehicle cleaning or a driveway? This way, you can ensure that the nozzle of the tool is suitable for your requirements. As we discussed earlier, it plays a big part in determining what the cleaner can do. You’d want to make sure that you don’t get one that is too weak for a particular job.

  1. Horsepower

The horsepower rating of the engine is one of the significant considerations when going for the petrol pressure cleaners. The engine determines the pressure capacity and volume of the machine. False advertisers exaggerate the pressure without backing it up with the HP rating. These two should commensurate each other. For professional use, the lowest HP rating should be 6.5. The commercial grade 13HP cleaners are still limited to manufacturing plants and workshops.

  1. Volume

The Annovi Reverberi professional high-pressure cleaners produce a capacity measured in gallons per minute (GPM). It regulates how much water the machine can dispense per minute. It is the most effective barometer of the effectiveness of the pressure cleaner.

  1. Pressure

The pressure metrics are in pound per square inch (PSI). It is a common misconception that this is the most vital determinant, but on the contrary, it is the least. However, it is still essential to defining the performance of the pressure cleaner. To measure the cleaning power, you multiply the pounds per square inch by the gallons per minute. It gives you a glimpse of the effectiveness of the cleaner. Add on the HP, and you get a rough idea of how much power the tool has.

  1. Pump

When looking to buy a pressure cleaner, you should inquire if the pump is outsourced or manufactured by the company. You are safer getting a machine from a good brand like Annovi Reverberi. Getting a cheap tool might make you think you’re saving, but in the long-run, cheap is expensive. You are sure of durability and better performance when you go with a more expensive brand. They also assure you of easy accessibility to spare parts

  1. Shaft inclination

The vertical shafts are more pocket-friendly and have a shorter lifecycle. The horizontal one, on the other hand, is a bit more costly but dependable and will serve you for a long time. We’d advice you settle for the horizontal shaft for quality and durability purposes.

In conclusion with the Annovi Reverberi professional high-pressure cleaners, you are sure of quality, durability, and effectiveness.

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