Why is Blue Dream Considered the Top-Selling Cannabis Strain and Legal Weed?

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Travel Featured

Blue Dream is considered one of the legal cannabis strains; it originated from California and has quickly spread to other countries like the United States and Canada as a 50/50 hybrid of Sativa dominant of Silver Haze and DJ Short’s Blueberry Indica. It helps patients experience a balanced “high.”

The unique combo can multiply and give exceptional yields up to 22 ounces for each plant. Blue Cream strain is considered a hybrid because of its genetic composition of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Blue Dream strain, also known as a stress and anxiety reliever. It’s becoming increasingly popular due to its influence and mass production.

It helps with the relaxation of the full body with a gentle, calm euphoria and helps in maintaining focus. It comes in some flavors and aromas, namely berry, fruitiness, blueberry, earthiness, sweet, herbal, vanilla, floral, mango, and pungent.

Blue Dream weed has 24% of THC levels and CBD levels up to 2%; it’s the best weed for medicinal uses. It’s because it can help a patient get relief from pain and not get the “high” effects. This allows them to be functional and not be immobile and lethargic.

Blueberry parent in combination with sweet berry makes Blue Dream a better drug to treat pain, chronic stress, anxiety, nausea, depression, mood disorders, and diseases that need THC strain on high doses. Blue Dream also helps in fighting fatigue and headaches. It helps against sharp musculoskeletal pain like muscle spasms and cramps. Other molecules make up for the medicinal value, apart from the THC components are terpenes. Three common terpenes make up for this strain:

  1. A.    Myrcene

It’s known as a sedative terpene, attributed to mango and found in lemongrass. This chemical compound in mangoes gives it the musky aroma. It’s responsible for imparting hypnotic effects on the cannabis strain. Hence, the user feels calm and drowsy. Blue Dream also has muscle relaxing properties, which help patients that suffer from muscle cramping and stiffness.

  1.    Pinene

It’s a common terpene and rich in pine trees; the high levels of alpha-pinene in Blue Dream makes it work well as an anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator, and it also possesses energizing properties. The chemical properties of the strain induce sedative effects and more mental clarity as compared to other cannabis strains.

  1.    Caryophyllene

It’s also found in black pepper and used to relieve inflammation, ease anxiety, and boost the patient’s mood. The terpene is known as beta-caryophyllene (BCP.) It also has a common element with THC, which engages with the endocannabinoid system. The system helps the patient experience the psychoactive and medicinal effects.

Benefits of Blue Dream Weed

It helps with arthritis, headaches. Blue Dream weed helps to control nausea, especially for patients on chemotherapy. For patients suffering from severe medical conditions like cancer, neurological disorders, and seizures, this might not help, and this is because Blue Dream has low CBD/CBN properties. It helps improve the patient’s appetite and does not make the patient feel lazy.

Effects of Blue Dream Weed

Adverse effects witnessed include dry mouth and dry eyes; patients are advised to drink a lot of fluids, stay hydrated, and use eye drops to moisturize the eyes. Due to its balanced nature; other effects like paranoia and anxiety are not experienced. It can stimulate without overwhelming the patient. It will not make the patient sleepy or lethargic.

Blue Dream is known for its ability to uplift and energize patients. It assists patients who have problems inhaling raw cannabis smoke. The experience of a full body melt or a patient’s head uplifting, all these depend on the Blue Dream phenotype. Each strain of cannabis has its unique differences.

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