Daniel Sturridge Leaves Liverpool As A Star!

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Sports Featured

Daniel Sturridge leaves behind his legacy in the Liverpool football club this summer, after completing six and a half years among the team. A fame that is filled with brilliance and frustrating injuries.

It was no secret that Sturridge was departing since the beginning of the season. The reason? The club did not bother to renew his expiring contract. Of course, the season was a whirlwind since there were the event of Anfield plus the future of England International. To add to the stress, the news that Daniel was leaving the club left fans to question the club in general! Here we are, at the end of the season and bidding farewell to the person who shined brightly… rapidly!

Daniel joined the Reds at a time when nothing was certain, not even a victory. Under the guidance of an unproven British Manager, the team had to strive for the best. But it was like throwing a dice… a win was based more on probability than skill.

At the time of his introduction in the team, he had million points to prove, a determination to excel and an unbreakable mindset that would drive him to become a successful player. During the same moments, Luis Suarez was also filled with vigour to prove himself as the best.

With time, Suarez became the gold-tinted poster boy. But Sturridge became the one he was… a silent destroyer! That’s because there were ample times when Suarez drew blanks, only to have the season salvaged by Sturridge!

The pair supported each other, for sure. They covered their backs. When one would falter, the other had to intervene. Yet, where Suarez became a world beater, Sturridge became a mystery… one that no one could see as an icon!

He leaves the club as only a player. Someone so talented and skilful as Daniel Sturridge deserved at least an anthem on his farewell. But no, he was not valued as much as he deserved. There was a popular belief among fans, “Put Sturridge on and he will score. But can we put Sturridge on this week?” That statement surely gave out a lot about the trust between the team and Sturridge.

Who is to be blamed? Some say that it is the prolonged absences that led to the loss of expectations on behalf of the team and the man himself. Plus, Liverpool has now learned how to cope without elites in the team. If it manages to give out great performance without having to bother about the services of elites, then surely, elite players like Sturridge would lose interest!

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