More Convenient Betting – Three Innovations That Have Improved It

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Entertainment Feature

If there has ever been a time to gamble online – it is now. In the beginning, online gambling was an unpleasant experience, which needed many adjustments. Regardless of what people tried to do: bet on sports, play casino games, arrange a bet over the internet – everything was unstable and looked clumsy. Let’s address some of the issues:

  • The connections between the internet providers and the casinos were extremely slow (resulting in people missing the bets they wanted to make)
  • Unresponsive, pixelated games
  • Spins on roulette were lost because a player would click in on the wrong spot
  • Folding by accident, instead of calling
  • Online slots worked as if Sonic was in retirement

Obviously, at the time, online betting was barely endurable, and it was really hard to enjoy, with all the disadvantages that it had. These problems led to innovations and solutions.

In the past few years, the improvement of online casino games and online sports betting, has been mind-boggling. Apparently, more competition in the market is what keeps the improvements going.

It’s not a secret that there’s a formula that says, “More competition equals more innovations,” and this is true for every market. However, this rule is not without exception, and social media is the best example. Only a few dominate the market, while the rest look completely cut off from the competition.

Since we are not talking about social media – it is safe to say that in betting – things are a bit different. The platform switching was made much easier by the competition. This caused companies to step up their game in order to keep players around. Trips to new casinos and finding new bookmakers are a thing of history. Nowadays, all you need to do is go to a new webpage and voilà – there’s a new bookmaker or a casino. All of that led us to the three innovations that changed the game for good, so let’s take a look at them.

Online Betting

Like we’ve already mentioned, betting on sports and playing casino games required several trips to the bookmakers and two sets of money. First, you would drive to the bookmakers to place your bet, and afterwards, go to the casino and play. Like if that wasn’t enough. If your betting would result in a win, you would have to do the same process again – go to the bookmaker and take your money. A really tedious and time-consuming task.

Today, all that is a lot simpler. A never-ending number of online reviews helps you choose the best online betting sites, according to your preferences. Is there a need for multiple accounts to play different games? No. One account, one password, one login, that’s it. Place the bets and enjoy your favorite casino games! Simplifying things like this is one of the most important aspects of the internet.

Bet As You Play

Casinos and their casino games had a huge impact on this becoming a sports betting benefit. As the title suggests, you can bet and play at the same time. The games are live, so it’s up to you to decide if you are lucky enough, see the game’s flow, and what’s going on – before you decide if and how much you want to bet.

There’s no need to wait for hours to see if the bet is successful – as it was the case before. You could not change your decision during the match. If you notice that the odds are different, it was a sealed deal. In-play betting modifies this mechanism, and now, it allows players to change their minds in real time, thus making their chances of winning higher, and the games more interesting.

Mobile Applications

It should not come as a surprise that online betting is introduced to mobile phones, too.
Apart from the everyday use, you can now use your mobile device to bet from the comfort of your home, while commuting, exercising, etc. Your money, bookmakers, games that you want to play – everything is now available on a single device, without you being required to move an inch.

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