What are the Different Types of Coupons to Save on Flights?

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Travel Featured

Every time you spend thousands on your flight, whether on a vacation or a business trip, using discount coupons can help you save tons. With all the flight and hotel booking websites available today, there are special offers lurking around the corner every now and then. All you have to do is to do some search. The next time you plan a trip, make sure to look for the following kinds of offers.

Flat Discounts

Many times there are flat Flight Offers Link discounts worth hundreds, when you use the coupon to book flights on specific websites. Such offers are often available when you book minimum number of tickets. Besides, they can be availed when you use cards from any bank.

Exclusive Payment-Mode Discounts

The next time you book a flight, check whether there is a coupon that offers discounts for choosing payment methods which are available to you. For example, if you can pay for your flights using PayPal, you can often find coupons offering discounts up to Rs. 1500.

If you book international flights, you can often get instant discounts of up to Rs. 8000. For example, such discounts are often available when you use SBI credit cards. These discounts are usually 10% and have an upper limit worth thousands.

Similarly, there are coupons that can give you up to 30% discount when you make payments using Amazon Pay wallet. Such offers are usually available on specific booking websites.

International Flight Bookings & Discounts

If you are going on a vacation to an exotic destination abroad with family or friends, you should look for the opportunity to save tens of thousands on your flight. Often there are coupons that allow you to get discounts up to Rs. 20,000 when you book international flights in advance.

Sometimes, these discounts are available when you use specific cards. For example, there are coupons that give you discounts of up to Rs. 2000 when you use Bajaj Finserv EMI cards. Similarly, you can also find coupons that offer 10% instant discount when you book international flights using Rupay card.

And then, there are coupons that can give you discounts of up to Rs. 25000 when you book international flights and hotels if you choose cards from Bank of Baroda. If you are traveling in a group, the savings can be significant.

Weekdays Offers

Then there are coupons that offer discounts on specific days of the week. From example, you can sometimes come across Friday and Saturday special offer coupons that help you save up to Rs. 5000. Such coupons are also available on specific travel booking websites such as Yatra.

Many times, these offers are available when you book domestic flights and hotels together. When you book more options, you can thus save even more.

Instant Cashbacks

Sometimes, you can find coupons that provide discounts in the form of instant cashbacks. For example, there are coupons often that give instant cashbacks of up to Rs. 1500 when you book domestic or international flights on Cleartrip. These cashbacks are often associated with cards from specific banks.

Destination Discounts

If you are traveling to a specific destination, it is recommended to check for coupons that offer discounts for flights to those places. These discounts are also often associated with cards from specific banks. For example, you can often find coupons with flat 10% off on Singapore flights. These discounts are usually available when using IndusInd Bank or HSBC cards.

There are many other forms of coupons which are available almost all the time. You can, in fact, find hundreds of coupons at any given time. So before you book your flight, make sure to look for the coupons that offer the highest-possible discounts for your specific destination, the payment option chosen, the day of the week you are traveling, and other relevant factors.

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