What Kind of Targets Are Ideal for Rifle Shooting?

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Science Featured

No matter what kind of gun you own, chances are you’ll want to head to a range for target practice sooner or later. There are countless types of targets to help you hone your aim with on the market, and many targets are fit for rifle shooting as well as shotgun shooting. While target practice ultimately comes down to personal preference, some targets are worth trying out once to see if you like their feel. Here are a few different types of targets the next time you head to the range with your rifle.

You can’t beat the classics

Some targets are classics for a reason, and it’s hard to beat a clay target when it comes to a practice session with a real classic feel. Although pulling clay targets (also called skeet shooting) is often associated with shotgun practice, they are useful for practicing rifle shooting, too. Paper targets are also popular and deliver a classic approach to honing your aim. When picking a paper target, make sure to find one that offers multipurpose zones. This way, you can aim for a variety of areas on the target without needing to replace the target after one or two shots. Other classic targets are shaped to resemble other things, such as silhouette targets shaped like a body or even hunting targets inspired by deer, bears, and moose. Even a simple bull’s-eye target can be an incredibly satisfying target to take aim at with your rifle.

Pop-up targets offer quick resets

If you’re concerned about the time it takes to reset your targets during practice, you may want to consider pop-up targets instead. Some pop-up targets are spring-loaded and automatically reset after they have been hit by your bullet. Another popular option when it comes to pop-up targets is the “bowling pin” style of pop-up target. Made from a specialized, self-healing material, this style of target will quickly reset to its previous shape, allowing you to get hours of practice in with it. For truly instantaneous reset, it’s hard to beat the ballistic capabilities.

Improve your aim with a sight

If you want to take your shooting to the next level, consider investing in a shotgun laser sight. Regardless of whether you’re shooting a Mossberg or a Beretta, you’re bound to find success when you add a sight to your gun. Many of the scopes and sights come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you can find a scope or sight that fits your budget. Some of the sights even attach seamlessly so that they don’t even change the shape or profile of your firearm, while still offering instantaneous precision at the press of a button. While some people may think of sights at a range as a way to make things easier, in actuality, you can test other aspects of your shooting game like speed and accuracy with a sight in new, exciting ways.

Whether you’re looking into family vacations in Alabama or on a solo trip into the wild, you can always take your hobby to the next level. From swapping out your targets to a different shape or style to experimenting with laser sights, target practice can be a rewarding and versatile hobby. If you find that you’re growing tired of a particular type of target while at target practice, consider experimenting with any of the above targets to truly put your rifle shooting to the test. With commitment and consistent practice, you’ll be able to face any target with precision and expertise, improving your markmanship and keeping things fresh at the same time.

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