You Can Be Healthier – If You Follow This Sleep Advice

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Health Featured

Are you feeling exhausted as of late? Is your energy at an all-time low?  It could be because you are sleep-deprived. If you have not been getting enough sleep lately – you might be feeling the effects. When you do not get quality sleep, your body is unable to recover from the day’s activities.

If you get less sleep that your body requires, you would definitely feel tired. If this continues, you would be at a higher risk for getting heart diseases, depression, and anxiety. Today, your lack of sleep may just be affecting your mood and productivity. In the long run, it would be detrimental to your overall well-being.

It’s not just about eating well and doing exercise; you must also meet your sleep requirements. Although, sleep doesn’t come easy for some. It’s easy to say that you should sleep earlier, sleep enough hours – but some people do not have the luxury of doing just that.

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Some people have trouble sleeping – that’s the truth. They want to sleep long and better, but it could be trickier for them. They understand the short- and long-term effects of sleep-deprivation but what can they do?

Actually, there are three things this people who lack sleep can do. What are they?

Lessen caffeine consumption

Are you the type of person that needs to have their caffeine fix every single day? We can’t blame you as coffee is really awesome. However, do think twice about your caffeine consumption. Caffeine is a stimulant and can make you still feel alert even when it’s bed time already.

Try to limit how much servings of caffeine you take in a day. Do remember also that coffee isn’t just the possible source of caffeine so be on the look out on what you eat or drink. Try not to consume caffeine also when your bed time is nearing. The less stimulants you take in before sleeping, the better.

Lessen screen time

What else is addicting aside from caffeine? It’s technology. Our electronic devices such as our mobile phones make things convenient. Because it’s so easy to connect online, we often find ourselves scrolling for hours at a time on our gadgets.

Before you know it, that “few minutes” of gadget time has turned into hours. And these is a common thing that happens before bed time as well. Lights out, you’re already on your bed – but you’re still doing some screen time.

Aside from your brain being stimulated by your online activity, the blue light that your gadgets emit also affects your sleep. It suppresses the hormone that regulates your sleep, melatonin. So staying online most especially at night time inhibits your sleep.

Get a better bed

Your bed can also be the reason why you are not sleeping better. If you’re bed is too hard or too soft, you would have difficulty having a long, quality sleep. If your bed is uncomfortable, your body can tell.

You wouldn’t be able to sleep right away, or you might be waking up often because your mattress is hurting your body. Do check your pillows also, they should be of the right amount of firmness and height, so your neck won’t hurt.

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So in the coming nights, try to lessen your screen time, caffeine servings, and make your bed more comfortable. It can be an adjustment to your current lifestyle but you have to make sleep a priority. We tell you, the benefits of quality sleep outweigh the inconvenience of a changing habits.

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