How to Create a Community Using Cufflinks

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Business Feature

There is something about cufflinks that yells sophistication. As small as they are, they certainly make a statement. In addition, they make a man look bold, and have been known to boost confidence. You can have an entire conversation based on cufflinks as an ice breaker.

Many business executives consider cufflinks as some sort of maturity indicator. Changing to wearing a cufflink shirt can be said to be an executive rite of passage. They instantly transform your outfit from casual to business, and you can practically see people’s attitudes towards you shifting.

Cufflinks and the Business Community

Putting your brand on cufflinks is one great way to create a solid community. As mentioned earlier, these small decorative accessories can be effective icebreakers and can get conversations started. They are, therefore, the perfect accessories for introducing your brand to new clients, for example through your employees or loyal customers who wear them.

The trick lies in ensuring that your cufflinks are refined and classy, which will elevate your entire business look from understated to executive. Your employees will be proud to have them on their shirts and display them to customers.

In order to create the community you want, simplicity is paramount. Choose a design that will stand the test of time and that is stylish. The colours are important as well. Your company colours should naturally be the option you go for. Also, ensure that the texture is right. If you want them to represent your company, you do not want a look that is too casual.

How Cufflinks Should Be Worn                   

Women are warming up to the idea of wearing cufflinks with their shirts. However, for a long time, they have been the domain of men. Cufflinks are naturally worn with button down shirts.

It is best to use the service of professional cufflink manufacturers to create the perfect ones for your brand. Look into Rocket badge for classy, unique cufflinks designs.

Cufflinks are best matched with other accessories that you may be wearing, such as:

  • Tie clips
  • Bracelets
  • Chains

If possible, and especially for company events, ensure that the cufflinks match other jewellery that your employees may be wearing. This creates an executive look for the entire company, which customers find quite impressive. How your brand is portrayed is one of the most important factors in business success.

Cufflinks will be seen and must, therefore, make the wearer feel confident about showing them. Your community will not feel comfortable sporting cufflinks that make them feel self-conscious. They must be able to exude confidence and be assured that they look their best.

You Want to Communicate

You must also remember that you want to communicate. This is the whole point of a community. Consequently, minimalism and simplicity should be what guides your choice of design. The cufflinks may be for your employees to wear on special company anniversaries, but they are also great gift items for your loyal customers.


Think about the design, colours, and other aspects you need to incorporate into your cufflinks, and partner with Rocket Badge to obtain the best. You will be able to make a great statement with expertly designed cufflinks.


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