The Importance of Local Business Directories

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Business Feature

Many customers prefer doing proper research when planning to visit any online store. On the other hand, the Internet gives answers and ideas to most customers wanting to know more about businesses or their services. For this reason, a firm with substantial online presence flourishes rapidly. Those owning businesses should ensure their company information is available to local directory websites. Most online directories have main details listed about several companies in regional areas. For example, if you are searching for a food store, numerous business directory sites will appear on the top results of your search engine.

Creating and updating profiles

If a user clicks on any local directory, he or she will see several choices such as food types and the joints offering them. These directories show customer reviews, working hours, websites, and so on to ease the clients’ search. Business owners should take time to update or make a profile for local listing for their businesses. Updating ensures the info is accurate and intact. If some slight info misses in the listings, it will lead to disappointments among the users, thus attracting losses to the business. Adding companies to local business listings prevents losing clients to other competitors. Here is why online directories are significant when it comes to business survival.

Online presence improvement – Adding company details to numerous business directories improves brand visibility in search results. A local listing profile should be up to date with relevant product images. Accurate contact information is also significant for directing customers to your business. About 50% of mobile enquiries with local intent helps companies to appear in a local listing which improves the presence of online mobile.

Boost website SEO – Search engine optimization or simply SEO ensures websites are appearing at the top of search results. For example, a clothing store can optimize their websites with phrases like best clothing, or fashion clothing, among others. Local business is not left out when it comes to optimizing their sites using relevant keywords. High domain authority helps online business directories on the top of search engine results with the same keywords. Since online business directories have high domain authority, they are more likely to appear higher in search results for the corresponding keywords. Businesses should have a listing profile on reputable sites to appear frequently in search results.

Brand visibility increase – Creating a business profile on a listing site and ensuring its up-to-date increases brand visibility. Include accurate details to the listing. A business owner can also add a company logo to an online listing. Uploading a great looking logo to third-party directory websites increases the visibility of a company which enables users to identify your brand and services quickly.

Business reputation – Most business directories allow clients to leave reviews based on their experience with products and services offered by numerous businesses. The reports help improve the image of the company. On the other hand, with more experience, one can still change the reputation of his or her business by transforming the negatives into positives. Positive reviews mostly come from excellent communication and relationships between customers and business owners. Sharing reviews on social media or websites is another way of marketing products and services

Ranking high on search results – A search results page aims at increasing the customer base to a company offering products and services. It’s just like acquiring numerous quality properties to win more buyers. In other words, a website that appears several times on the page attracts more users to click it often. Local business profiles created on directory sites that rank high increases your business visibility.


Adding businesses to Discover Directory, facebook, and so on does not take much time to set up. It only takes a couple of minutes to add your company profile and other details to directories. Nevertheless, some online directories charge a setup fee only for the first time or small payments each month. Understanding the benefit of local business listings for small businesses is essential for business growth and visibility.


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