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by | Oct 11, 2019 | Technology Featured

The use of laptops in the modern world has drastically evolved the world of technology. This has caused many people to embrace their application based on the fact that laptops come in compact and portable sizes. They are convenient to use since owing to their ability to maintain power for an extended period and user-friendly nature.

Laptops are also suitable since they can be carried almost anywhere and one can even use it while in bed!

Costs and Laptop Types

The cost of acquiring a good laptop is, however, a challenge that most computer users grapple with. To this end, this article provides essential tips on some of the best deals that one can get on purchasing a reliable laptop.

The computer market provides an assortment of different models of laptops. These include student laptops, business laptops, mac books, and chrome books among other brands of laptops. Let’s check out the following:

Options under £600

While shopping for good laptops, the computer market presents a myriad of options that one can go for. Below is a breakdown of the best laptops under 600 that are available in the market today. It is, however, important to consider brands that are reputable and that have a warranty from the manufacturer.

Dell Inspiron 

This brand comes with reliable features that make it user-friendly and easy to operate. It is a 15.6′ touchscreen. The brand which can be sourced from Amazon has a windows ten system that is complemented with Intel HD Graphics 620.

ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook 

This brand is quite suitable and appropriate for students. It is designed and equipped with features that enable students to conduct research and enhance their studies. It comes with 12.5 inches (1920×1080) full display in HD and Intel Core M3, 2.2 GHz.

Lenovo 2019 HD Laptop Computer

This brand is a reliable model with an 8 GB RAM and AMD A6-9225 Processor, 2.6 GHz. It also has a hard disk capacity of 1 TB and 1366×768 resolutions. The convenience of assembly of this brand is also properly designed.

HP 2019 Pavilion Flagship Laptop provides this brand with an 8GB RAM and a hard disk capacity of 1TB. It is rated as a high performing laptop with a processing capacity of Intel i3-7100U, 2.4 GHz. The laptop can be suitable for business since it has a resolution of 1366×768.


It is a fact that laptops are not as portable as tablets, but their convenience is not comparable to desktops. It is also essential for internet users to shop for auction forums that provide cut-throat competition which results in reasonable prices of laptops.

Whether you are shopping for work, school or business laptops, careful comparison is vital to ensure that the laptop you purchase is reliable and affordable., for instance, provides reasonable prices for laptops under £600 and can be a good starting point in the market research.

Asus ZenBook 13 UX333 has also been rated as a recommended brand for students due to the ability of fast search engines.

Lenovo, Dell and HP laptops are highly recommended based on their high level of performance. The laptops enable users to conduct research, browse the internet for information, entertainment, gaming features, and so on.


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