Four Steps to a Romantic, Memorable Marriage Proposal

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Entertainment Feature

When it really comes down to it, we want to be seen, known, and understood.  We most wish to be appreciated and loved for who we are.  It’s what we want most of all from our soulmates.  And could there ever be a better occasion to let someone know you value them for their details than when you present them with a stunning engagement ring and ask them to share their life with you?  Do it in a way that shows them you know exactly who they are.

The Location

Naturally a romantic spot comes to mind first, but when it comes to your unique relationship, landmark places where memorable moments from your courtship have happened fit the bill perfectly.  Beautiful spots lit with a soft glow, spots often frequented by couples because everyone finds them romantic, can create the right ambiance.  These make wonderful settings for proposals, but go one step further and choose somewhere that lets your partner know the time you’ve spent with them is etched into your mind.  Perhaps the site of an important conversation or a subtle development in your partnership wouldn’t ordinarily be thought of as romantic, but the unexpectedness adds a personal touch to the scene.  Your significant other may not even recognize it as an important place to your relationship, but it will mean that much more when you explain that it was there you decided this person stood out above all others.

The Activity

The various fun ventures you can combine this momentous occasion with are really limitless.  Whether it’s something relaxing, challenging, or just entertaining, you could choose almost anything that you both would enjoy.  Trying a new activity together may work well as long as you can guarantee it will be a positive and enjoyable experience.  Homemade pastimes you come up with yourself like a personalized scavenger hunt or a trivia game about each other and the relationship incorporate playful touches that set the mood for thinking about your union, yet still keep things whimsical.  A proposal during or after any activity you particularly like to do together, one you associate with each other, will make the occasion distinctly about the two of you.  Additionally, if you plan it during a typical, routine hobby you normally share, the surprise factor will be easy to achieve.

Presenting the Ring

As you undoubtedly already know, an engagement and wedding ring will be the set of jewelry worn every day, not only dazzling to look at but evocative of warm remembrances of an unforgettable day.  Stories abound as to various ways people have revealed engagement rings:  hiding it safely where their partner will unexpectedly stumble across it, sliding it across the table during a special meal, or the time-honored kneeling position.  The best thing you could do here is think about who your significant other is and how you imagine they would like it to come from you.

The Question

Don’t feel that you have to sound like a poet laureate!  Your loved one fell in love with you for a reason.  They already appreciate the way you think about things and want you to speak your mind.  While they do want to hear that you love and value them, they want to hear it from your perspective and in your own unique way.

Your Own Unforgettable Occasion

From the plan to the scenery to the spectacular ring to the words you want to say, make this moment your own!  Celebrate who your partner is and who you are as a couple.  Give some thought to doing things a little differently than the standard, in a way that is distinctly about the two of you.

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