How to Watch Live TV on Your Computer

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Technology Featured

Given how advanced the world of the Internet is, it goes without saying that there must be a way for people to watch live TV on their computers. After all, there wouldn’t be so many cord-cutters out there!

It’s true. You can, in fact, watch live TV without a satellite or cable subscription. However, due to the many things that you may have to do, you might just give up and renew your cable subscription.

Still, it is your decision! Today, we’re here to tell how to watch live TV on your computer. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Cable-Replacement Services

First, we have the cable-replacement services that can be seen as a simple streaming website. They work just like satellite or cable subscriptions and give you the opportunity to broadcast live any one of your favorite channels. Naturally, they do come with limitations in terms of the available number of channels.

Obviously, this type of service is provided to you via the Internet. Some of the most popular ones include Sling TV, DirectTV Now, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV.

These usually cover the popular and mainstream channels – the latter are also affected by your location. On top of that, they may not cover your favorite sports league, unless the provider is partnered with it.


Companies like Dish, Slingbox, TiVo, and Verizon have their very own DVR boxes that you can use to stream content from your TV to your mobile device or computer. This is the perfect alternative for those who don’t want to cut the cord off their TV yet!

Moreover, the top cable providers in the USA – Time Warner, Comcast, Optimum, and Cox – come with their own apps that you can use to stream TV content to your computer.

HD Antenna Rebroadcast Service

If you want to do things yourself, you can buy an HD antenna, set it up on your home, and let it pick up local TV signals that you can then stream to your TV or computer.

When you do so, an entire market opens up to you. Namely, rebroadcasting content from such antennas. Popular rebroadcasters, like Channel Master DVR+ or Simple.TV may offer you a great deal in terms of both channels and prices.

The main benefit of rebroadcasting is that you have a plethora of channels available and you can watch them whenever and wherever you want, on any type of platform – TV, mobile, and computer (PC).

However, keep in mind that the complete services of a rebroadcaster can get quite expensive, especially if you want to have DVR options as well.

The Bottom Line

The options don’t end here, because there are many other ways and websites that can provide you with live TV on your computer.

Still, you have to take into consideration the fact that live TV is not sought after on a computer. People look for on-demand movies and shows, instead of live events and such.

This is why you’ll find many more platforms like Netflix and have a harder time coming across a true live TV provider. In the end, it is safe to say that both cord-cutters and TV users have many ways to make their choice viable and watch live TV the way they want to!

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