Instagram for Musicians: 5 Essential Tips for Winning Visibility

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Entertainment Feature

As an artist, band or musician, Instagram is probably today one of my best tools in your arsenal to connect with your fans and share your world. If you’re not yet on Instagram or are just starting out, you’re probably wondering what’s the point of being on an additional platform.

To put it simply, Instagram is “the place to be” right now to federate your fans and find new ones, especially because:

– Google Plus is dead (so 2011)
– Vine is dead (so 2013)
– Snapchat is coming slowly, but does not currently offer a return on investment equivalent to Instagram
– Instagram continues inexorably its crazy growth

See for yourself :

So, as I told you in the article about social networks on which you must absolutely focus, Instagram is now a must for all artists who want to gain visibility through the Web.

Yes, but in fact, how is it going?

After addressing the case of YouTube for musicians, I propose today to discover 7 indispensable tips to become known on Instagram, when one is a musician, group or artist!

1. Create a profile to your image

Aside from the photos themselves, Instagram offers little margin for personalizing your profile. In this case you have the right to a profile picture, a short description and a link (preferably to your music). Thus, it is vital to heal these three elements by choosing how to use them effectively. Similarly, if you have not already created your profile, choose a name (visible) and a username (not changeable later) that are appropriate.

2. Make the most of the potential of hashtags

Instagram is more than ever the kingdom of the hashtag. Whenever you post content on the social network, remember to add at least 2 appropriate hashtags. Why ? Because that’s just how the majority of Instagram users will find you. If you need inspiration or want to ride a trend, find out what hashtags are popular with the audience you are targeting. You can optimize this way by using automatic Instagram likes.

3. Tell your story

Whether through your photos or descriptions of them, you must tell a story, to add meaning and value to your publication. Why are you publishing this content? Fans love Instagram because the platform allows them to connect with their favorite artists on a much more personal level. In short, it’s like having access to backstage.

So they hope it’s worth it!

Tell an anecdote or a funny story, make an announcement, document your tour, reveal the cover of your album, share your adventures, immortalize a meeting or concert, etc. In any case, make sure to invite your fans (through Instagram) during major events in your musical career, but also to involve each member of the group.

4. Vary the content

As on any social network, the keys are:

– Consistency with your world (branding, thematic)
– Regularity of publications (X times a day or a week)
– 20% promotional content for 80% engaging content

From there you will understand that to succeed on Instagram you will need an editorial strategy with rich, engaging and varied content. So, how to engage your community on the social network?

5. “Subscribe, I return”

In the same way as for Twitter, the fastest and safest way to boost your followers is simply to subscribe to users hoping that they will subscribe in return. For this, you need to identify the Instagram profiles corresponding to your music (similar groups, labels, music blogs, concert halls, festivals, etc.) and subscribe massively to the users who follow them. So to speak, you are going to “dig” into their community, because of the obvious similarities with yours.

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