5 Reasons Football is More Than Just a Sport.

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Sports Featured

Football is the most popular sport on earth and it can be argued that that has been the case since its creation. Football is a huge part of many people’s lives, from big competitions, like the world-cup and premier league, to college teams and Sunday leagues. Here are a few reasons why football is so historical and timelessly enjoyed by so many.

  1. The Creation of Idols

Football has transformed its players from athletes to sporting superstars awarded with MBEs and Knighthoods. Being given such an honour allows these men to be highly regarded and therefore historically documented for their dedication to football, charities and sports in general. As well as this, retired players are often used for advertising, game shows, or football-related shows, such as ‘Match of the Day’, this continued time in the public eye makes players well know, even after being taken off the pitch.

  1. Cherished Memorabilia

Football fans are just spending their money on placing bets, like using Infogol, they are fighting and bidding for iconic memorabilia. Football cups, balls and shirts are sold for thousands to private collectors or within a museum’s collection. The FA Cup is the second most expensive piece of football memorabilia ever sold. The ‘FA Cup’ is the oldest football competition in English football, and the winners’ cup sold for just shy of a million dollars and was one of only four ever made. As well as the cup, other items were sold for an unspeakable amount, such as the Sheffield Football Club rules, regulations & laws (first official football rules ever drafted) which was sold for a massive $1.24 million.

  1. Generations to Generations

Watching football games can be a pastime shared with family. Sitting and enjoying a game with multiple generations on a Sunday, whether in the stadium or the front room, this can be a tradition upheld by many dedicated fans.

The Golden Generation or Golden Team is a term used when a team is expected to reach a level of success that exceeds what their team has previously achieved. Being a supporter to a team with this term brings great pride to football fans and encourages them to involve family and friends to join in with the joy brought by the achievement. A good example of this is when England reached the semi-finals of the world cup in 2018, and every bar and pub was packed full of exhilarated men and women, even those who do not support the sport generally.

  1. The Games Simplicity

The rules of the game are fairly simple and easily followed by viewers, even after a few drinks. The simple nature of the game not only makes the games easy to watch but also easy to play, as all you need is a ball. Football is not only a popular game to watch, but also to play, from the school playground to armature leagues on the weekend. The joy of playing maintains the interest of new generations to become dedicated supporters and possibly players.

  1. Bonds the Nation

Big competitions, such as the World Cup, create a strong sense of patriotism throughout the country as everyone is supporting the same team for the win, much like the Olympics. Other competitions, like the Premier League, encourage friendly competition within the country as people are supporting different teams and different regions of the nation, making the sport less communal and can lead to less friendly competition.

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