Burger King Outlet Faces Alleged Negligence Charges

by | Dec 14, 2019 | Business Feature

Following an incident that happened on the premises of a Burger King outlet, Jacqueiline Weber files a lawsuit against the Burger King franchisee and the manager of the outlet where she slipped and fell due to an unknown substance.

Jacqueiline Weber, the victim in a slip and fall incident is suing Liberty Restaurant Group whose headquarters is in New-Jersey and the former manager of the Burger King outlet where her accident happened, David Fox.

The Liberty Restaurant Group operates twenty-three Burger King outlets in Illinois and Missouri. While the franchisee did not immediately comment on the situation, an employee at the Bethalto Burger King outlet shared that Fox was no longer in their employ and had not been for a while now.

Weber has made a statement in her complaint that part of the floor had been covered in an unknown substance that resulted in a slipping hazard ultimately leading to her slip and fall on the Bethalto outlet’s floor.

The allegations against the defendants detail that the management should have known at the very least that a possible slipping hazard was present on their floors, The dangerous instance created by the negligence of the staff present at the outlet reaped unfavorable circumstances and provided a high risk for those navigating their way through the outlet to come into contact with the substance and injuring themselves.

They further explained that the defendants should have exercised their duty to maintain the safety of the premises by exercising preventive measures to remove the risk of causing injury to the consumers navigating the premises.

The defendants failed to provide sufficient safety hazard signs alerting customers of the potential danger due to the lack of preventive care exercised by the outlet.

Weber further claims that the fall resulted in multiple injuries both internal and external on her person, causing her functions to be impaired.

She further explains that she has been experiencing continued pain, anguish and discomfort as a result of her accident and has depleted her financial stores substantially to provide care for her through medical needs all while losing part of her wages.

Weber has also alleged that Liberty Group is guilty for negligence due to hiring Fox and not ensuring the competency of their staff to operate their Burger King outlet.

As a result, Weber seeks a compensation of upwards $50,000 due to damages caused by the accident. She is currently being represented by Walter Telken partner Michah Summers.

What most people don’t know is that commercial properties like fast food outlets are liable to provide fair compensation to victims of a slip and fall accident that happens within their premises.

A slip and fall accident is considered a personal injury and is one of a long list of liabilities that an insurance provider covers.

It is important to immediately gather enough evidence by taking photos and videos, alert the management staff or the owner of the premises and contact a—if you live in Los Angeles, a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyer.

Gathering evidence through taking photos of your injuries and the scene of the incident in addition to taking video recordings will allow you to further assert and establish the conditions of your accident and why it happened.

In some cases, evidence of your accident can be removed easily and if you don’t take proper documentation, the insurer could contest your claims as unreliable and could lead to the dismissal of your case.

It is also incredibly important to immediately alert the highest authority you can find present in the premises of the incident to further solidify your proof of the incident.

Once you have established your proof and enough guidance, it is important to seek medical help to create additional documents further materializing proof of your accident and supporting your claims.

Make sure that you keep a copy of all documents provided by your doctor including assessments, medical measures taken, laboratory results and post-injury care plan. This is vital in establishing not only the legitimacy of your claim, but also to determine the amount of compensation you should receive.

It is important to remember that arming yourself with legal counsel as soon as you can will allow you to have proper representation when faced with the daunting task of filing a claim to be compensated for the injuries you have sustained while navigating the premises.

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