Netherlands – Estonia: highlights of the match on

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Sports Featured

An ordinary qualification match of the EURO 2020 between the representatives of the country of tulips and Estonian football players didn’t imply any intrigue. According to, the hosts were the undisputed favorites of the game, in which each team did not solve any tournament tasks. The Netherlands has already secured its participation in the final stage of the European forum, while Estonia has long lost all chances of entering the next stage of the competition.

The hosts quickly secured a comfortable margin of safety of two goals, which was quickly reflected in the football live, after which the guests made several interesting and dangerous attempts to recoup. The first half was gradually drawing to a close when, in the 41st minute, a player from the Estonian national team violated the rules in his half of the field. What is interesting in this, since violations in football are a natural thing? Many also did not pay attention to the accident, but the most interesting thing happened at the end of the match.

The fans of statistics could notice that that foul was the first in the match! Yes, for forty minutes of playing time, none of the players violated the rules. So, several achievements were established in the match:

  1. The first foul was in the 41st minute.
  2. Only 2 fouls for the first half.
  3. The home team has never violated the rules in the first half.

If you analyze the results on, you can hardly find something like that. Most football fans have not seen such an amazing record, but it will certainly go down in history.

Other interesting results on live tennis

This incident brought to mind some more unusual records that football is famous for. Many of them are well known, but the website of sports statistics, including the live tennis, couldn’t not share them.

Turkish teams have always been famous for their noisy fans. Many clubs felt psychologically discomfortable when the fans began their performance in the stands. In 2017, during one of Besiktas matches, the noise level reached the record 141 decibels, which can be compared to the roar of a take-off aircraft.

The famous Brazilian striker Hulk, who has played in many clubs throughout his career, has always been famous for his powerful hits. Playing in Porto, in 2011 he scored another goal, and the speed of the ball was 214 km/h. This is not to mention the longest matches, the number of goals scored and the red cards. It is quite possible that in the future there will be new records in the live tennis on, too.

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