Verma Farms Makes CBD Gummies That Newbies and Experts Will Love

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Health Featured

CBD gummies are not just the latest health craze. They have been around for quite a while. But since the federal legalization of industrial hemp and hemp products, new brands with new options have exploded onto the market. Now, everyone seems to want in on the action. Gummies made with artisan flavors and additional extracts are quickly becoming popular, and some CBD gummies even come in extra fancy packaging for more aesthetic appeal.

Whether you are new to taking CBD gummies or you have been taking them since the beginning, one feature remains most important: effectiveness. CBD gummy brands can boast all the flavor, additive, and packaging extras they can invent. But in order to get the full benefits of CBD, you need to take gummies made with the highest quality CBD.

Verma Farms sets the bar for all other CBD gummies. It doesn’t matter if you are in the market for your first CBD gummies, or if you are interested in changing up your brand. If you have not tried Verma Farm’s gummies, now is the time to invest in your health by getting the best CBD gummies around.

Third-Party Lab Results

Verma Farms understands the importance of trust when it comes to your health. That is why they invest in third-party lab testing to confirm your CBD gummies are labeled accurately.

This is the final step in verifying the quality of the product going out on the market.

Verma Farms takes great care to ensure that every batch of CBD will produce the same great results you come to expect when you are a regular customer.

Accurate labeling seems like it should be the norm, but according to the website Entrepreneur, 70 percent of CBD gummy packaging is inaccurate. Brands may indicate the wrong amount of CBD in their gummies (with the actual potency being lower than indicated). Worse, they could contain unexpected amounts of THC or harmful ingredients.

There are two main reasons for discrepancies between labeling and the actual product. Either the brand does not invest in third-party lab services, or they blatantly ignore the results and go ahead with whatever labeling will sell the most gummies.

It is expensive and time-consuming to send every batch of CBD out for testing before packaging it for sale. Even if CBD companies invest in testing from outside labs, they may ignore the results because it would mean even greater financial loss if their CBD did not turn out as expected. Maybe their packaging and labels have already been printed and it is too late to change them. Or maybe they would have to throw out the entire batch of CBD they just made.

It may not seem too important to invest in third-party lab testing once a brand has its formula and extraction process perfected. While industrial hemp is favorable to a variety of environments and easy to grow, it absorbs everything in the soil, water, and air around it, and its cannabinoid composition is wildly variant based on strain and growing conditions.

If anything changes about the weather, the direct environment, or the farming or harvesting practices, then the ratio of cannabinoids changes and other substances may show up in the extracted oils. This can result in a higher than expected ratio of THC, or a lower than expected ratio of CBD. Additionally, if lead, mercury, or other heavy metals become present in the soil, air, or water, hemp will absorb them, and they will show up in the final CBD product.

Effective CBD Gummies You Can Trust

Novices and experts alike are often fooled by false labeling because it is convincing, but if you look for third-party lab verification from your chosen gummy brand, you can be confident in your decision. Any reputable company will take care to confirm every batch they put out is the same as the last.

Verma Farms makes their CBD gummies and CBD oil with meticulous attention to detail. They start with organically grown non-GMO seeds and plant them in clean soil on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. They use sustainable, certified organic growing methods, and an accurate extraction process to ensure purity and potency. Before they send the final product to you, they send their CBD to a third-party lab to confirm they are giving you exactly what you expect.

Whether you are brand new to exploring the wonderful benefits of taking CBD products, or you have been taking them for a long time, Verma Farms is a brand of gummy you will love. Their flavors get rave reviews, and they are the highest quality CBD gummies you can buy.

Verma Farm’s gummies come in two different doses, so you have total control over how much you take. The 10-milligram gummies are perfect for novices looking to start with lower doses. And the 21-milligram gummies are excellent for the experts who know exactly how much CBD they need.

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