Data driven companies are the future of business

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Business Feature

Having been in the business of data for 20 years, the team at Exasol knows what it takes to be data-driven. It takes data management, digital transformation and  most importantly, experienced data analysts.

Data is transforming the way people do business, no matter the type. Those that have the data and know-how to use it effectively, will have the competitive edge. Holding true to the modern-day adage that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, data analysts and Chief Data Officers are using their skills and experience to help relieve data anxiety and are empowering enterprises to focus their efforts on projects that really matter.

Data well-managed, is data made profitable

The very idea of digital transformation can seem like an insurmountable task and businesses lose billions of dollars annually doing it in inefficient and costly ways. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Using their skill and know-how, good data analysts can heavily influence the success of digital transformation by managing big data effectively, without adding stress to legacy systems and prevent data bottlenecks.

Rise of the Chief Data Officer

The future of business will rely heavily on effective data analysis. If the 20th century was the century of the CEO,  (CDO) and data analysts. Harnessing and successfully analysing big data is the key to not only major business accomplishments, but the breakthroughs that launch enterprises into the stratosphere.

Looking to the future of data

Raw data alone will never be enough to make business successful. It’s people, rather than technology that’s the crucial factor. And when looking at data management and digital transformation, it’s a CDOs creativity and their ability to analyse and process data which makes the difference.

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About Exasol

Exasol is a high-performance, cloud-first analytics database which gives its customers the power to transform how their organizations work with data – and turn it into value faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before.

They’re a team of creative, forward-thinking technologists who’re passionate about helping companies run their businesses smarter and drive profits by analyzing data and information at unprecedented speeds. They developed the world’s fastest database for analytics and data warehousing – offering their first-class know-how and expertise in all aspects of data strategy.

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