5 Tips for Getting Your Home Warm-Weather Ready

by | Feb 1, 2020 | Energy Feature

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While everyone knows that the beginning of spring is heralded by cleaning and decluttering and winter usually brings a flurry of making things cozy, we very seldom ever think of the things that should be done to prepare our homes for the summer months.

So, while you’re stockpiling the sunblock, replenishing your summer wardrobe, and making plans for BBQs and trips to the beach, don’t forget that things like an attic radiant barrier and home repairs need to be taken care of as well. Grab your glass of lemonade and your cleaning products, and follow along as this article gives you a few tips on getting your home warm-weather ready.

Prepare The Pool

Of course, you’re going to want to have the swimming pool clean, sparkling and ready to go for that first hot day of summer. Take the time in the spring to have the pool inspected, cleaned, and detailed before the hot weather descends. Don’t forget to repair or replace your pool gates as well. These gates are safe, durable, and reliable, meaning you have the peace of mind of knowing that during a pool party or a day gathered by the pool, children, pets, and everyone else visiting your home is safe. Every pool should have a safety gate for the owners and the guests’ peace of mind.

Bring The Outdoors In

Spring is the perfect time to bring a little of the outdoors inside. Small houseplants can add a touch of summer to bathrooms and bedrooms while the larger plants can liven up dining areas, dens, and living rooms. There is nothing like walking through a home that smells like fresh flowers in the summertime. Opening the windows when you can also do a lot to bring the outside inside, just make sure your screens are hole, rip, and tear-free first.

Block Out Pests

Speaking of opening the windows, while it’s a great idea and lets fresh air into your home, you have to be careful not to let the insects in along with the fresh air. Repairing or replacing new window screens or even having fly screens installed on your windows will ensure that you can enjoy the summer breezes without the accompanying bites that come from summer pests.

Switch Your Sheets

Sleeping all summer with one leg hanging out from under the sheets doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and can be uncomfortably hot. Make it a point to switch out your sheets and blankets when the temperature starts rising. Pack away the flannel sheets and go with something lighter and more organic for the best sleep. You need to pack away those heavy quilts and comforters as well if you don’t want to be too hot as the summer progresses.

Get The Summer Tools Ready

When most people think of summer, the sound of a buzzing weed eater and loud lawnmowers often come to mind. Since these items are key to keeping your yard neat, tidy, and gorgeous during the summer months, make sure the equipment is working properly and ready to go before the grass overtakes your yard. The last thing you want is to pull the lawnmower out of the shed for that first mow of the season only to find that it has stalled over the long winter. Instead, prepare all of your yard tools now to ensure they work well when you need them the most.

These are just a few of the best tips out there to help you get your home in warms-weather shape before summer begins. What other steps do you take?

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