CBD Industry Remains Strong Despite Covid-19 Fears

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Business Feature

A wave of fear has swept across the nation and the world as the Covid-19 crisis continues to take lives across the globe. Though the current pandemic has caused many businesses to experience massive financial losses due to government imposed closures and a general feeling of fear from the public, many CBD companies expect to see an increase in revenue over the coming months. With products like CBDfx capsules remaining in high demand despite Covid-19 fears, high end CBD manufacturers such as CBDfx are confident that their sales will remain steady through this trying time.

The CBD industry is one that blossomed quickly and has not only remained strong throughout the years, but has continued to gain traction with the general public. In light of this, top tier CBD companies like CBDfx have developed a reputation with their customers as health and wellness conscious. Most CBD brands promote a healthy lifestyle and design the product lines they offer to fit into peoples active daily lives. Companies like CBDfx are expected to continue to see an increased revenue during the current pandemic due to the fact that their customers have grown to trust them in such a way that they are not just willing to buy the product for novel use, but to continue using the product they so believe in during such extreme events as a pandemic.

With many people practicing social distancing and staying inside, many businesses stand to suffer a loss of revenue. In California all non-essential businesses have been ordered to shut down until the Covid-19 virus does not pose such an incredible risk of spreading. This means that you can’t go to the bar to get a drink, or go cut a rug down at the club. It means you can’t go to a restaurant to sit down and eat, or pop over for a quick bite at a diner while you are on your lunch break. It also means that many people aren’t able to take their lunch break because they aren’t at work to do so.

Much of the American public is feeling the same financial grievance as both big and small businesses. With three states on lock down, and all non-essential businesses closed, many Americans are not able to go to work because their employer has been forced to shut down. Some people have even been laid-off because their employers can’t afford to keep them on payroll, and so the employee is able to collect unemployment during this crisis. The problem is that when and if the employees are hired back after the non-essential business closure has been lifted, then the employer is in the position to renegotiate their contract, and many fear that those negotiations will not benefit the employee.

The CBD industry exists predominantly online, and that will give it a big leg up in the coming months. People are already scared to leave their home and in the near future, as the virus mutates, this fear will grow. You can order CBD from the comfort of your quarantined bunker if you need to and you might need to. Flu viruses are relatively common and though we often dred flu season and take precautions such as flu shots, we mostly consider the flu to be somewhat benign. But let’s not forget the spanish flu. It rocked the whole world and killed 60% of the population of Europe at the time.

We know that the Covid-19 virus is bad. It kills, and has spread across the globe at an incredible rate. We also don’t have a cure for it yet so that doesnt help ease the terror that is currently infecting more people than the Coronavirus. We also know that all flus mutate and though sometimes they mutate for the better, they often mutate for the worste. If Covid-19 were to mutate and get worse, the world could see a pandemic that not only rivals the spanish flu, but has the potential to far surpass it in the amount of lives it claims.

A great technique for protecting yourself during the Covid-19 pandemic is to social distance. A really great way to social distance is to buy a cheap piece of land in a remote part of the desert, and develop a self-sustainable space where you can grow your own food, collect your own water, and utilize solar electricity. That way when the virus mutates, you will be far removed from the general public and have food and water rations that you can survive on. When the new world blossoms from the ashes of what remains of society, you will be strong. You will be supplied. You will be king.

The beauty of it all is that even if one were to remove themselves from a potentially collapsing society, they could still order CBDfx online. This is just one of the reasons CBDfx is expected to remain strong and keep selling during the Covid-19 pandemic. Another reason is that CBDfx makes incredibly high quality CBD products that their customers know and trust. Just because CBD is available doesn’t mean it will continue to sell during a crisis. But trusted brands like CBDfx can expect their customers to keep ordering the CBD products that they need and want.

Many local vitamin stores have been closed along with many CBD shops due to the risk of Covid-19 spreading from person to person and from person to merchandise. If a single person were to walk in a non-essential store and handle just a few products, it could mean potentially transmitting the virus to thousands of people. All it takes is a few people to be exposed, then expose a few of their friends and family members, and then their friends and family members go out and expose more people. This is precisely why everyone should stay home and only order products they need online, and why the CBD industry remains strong despite Covid-19 fear sweeping across the nation.

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