Favorite Casino Games for Male and Female Gamblers in New Zealand?

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Entertainment Feature

Men and Women have similar tastes when it comes to online gaming, but you will observe that there are few differences. As some of the online games are designed to target women, some for men, while others for all.

The reason why men and women tend to have different favourites is the way they play, stakes, and playing structure. You will also notice a difference in the way a man and woman bets and wages. All of these things make it interesting to know what attracts men and women gamblers in for example New Zealand’s Sky City Casino.

Favorite games for men

You will notice that menfolk are likely to visit a sportsbook, place wagers and bets. Men are usually attracted to sports fixing and sports events more than women. Also, in any type of gambling environment; mortar and bricks, you will find menfolk more than women. Poker is one of the games that attract men more than women in online casinos.

At online poker sites, you will also observe some women enjoying poker and other betting games that are usually liked by men. Additionally, there are a few tables and card games that appeal to both sexes equally. Slot games attract both men and women, but men tend to play slots like Ocean’s Treasure with a sports or their favourite TV show theme. Video poker is liked by men in NewZealand online casino gaming.

In online casinos there are always few gambling activities that are men’s plaything, still, they are dominated by womenfolk. You cannot ignore the fact that some aspects of online casino gaming will attract all players; such as the huge bonuses and offers. Generally, everyone wants to make the most of these favours at any gambling site. Men tend to go for high stake amount more easily than women, which makes menfolk aggressive gamblers in contrary to their counterparts.

Favorite games for women

Online casinos have a lot of games that give the feel of interaction with other players. This feature attracts women largely and this is why they like to play games like Bingo. Women love the gambling environment in online casinos where they can interact with other players. There is a feature of the chat room in the bingo game. There is a social experience in online gaming that makes the game more interesting for women while playing on their mobile devices. Besides Bingo, women are also attracted to video poker and slot machines. These games give an entertaining experience for a long time at any stake level, making it easier for the players to choose to play.

In contrast to their counterparts, womenfolk are not attracted to the theme as much but go for the bonuses in the Bingo. So, women gamblers are likely to play on the slot machines with better offers. Of course, women are always welcomed on all types of casino games but you will not see a lot of women playing table and card games, as likely as you will see the menfolk.

Women don’t give in easily for the high stake gaming but look for the offers and bonuses. While men like to play games with volatile structures. Men feel the urge to play the betting games, whereas womenfolk may not find it interesting at all!


Based on their gender, men and women have differences in their interests, liking, and favourites in the Newzealand online casinos. Regardless of the varying choices, all sexes enjoy the bonuses on the gambling sites that offer the best value for money. This is why, when you log in to any gambling site, you will find a lot of gambling and betting games on offer.

With that in mind, I hope you enjoyed how you can relate to the above traits, with regards to your gender!

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