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by | Mar 17, 2020 | World Featured

The world today is not as safe as it once used to be. There are various forms of crimes and violence happening all around. Domestic violence, assault, human trafficking, and sexual abuse are just a few names, but there are lots of other crimes that are prevalent today more than ever before.

One of the most prevalent forms of crime is child trafficking. Children are forcefully taken from their homes or their places of safety and then recruited to different places where they are sexually exploited, forced into some work, and sold as slaves.

With the high rate of such crimes, there are many institutions and organizations that have been created to protect children from predators. The main aim of these organizations is to provide the children a safety zone from which they were once taken away. Where on one of the spectrums, provision of rights is being given, on the other end, several organizations are playing their part to put a stop to child trafficking. Among the list of organizations that are ceaselessly working to catch offenders, OEIS is a firm that has gained prominence in its efforts to end child trafficking.


OEIS, a registered Investigation and Protection firm has multi-cultured professionals from all around the world. From police officers to ex-military soldiers, human trafficking experts, anti-drug prevention officers, anti-terrorism, and operational collaborators. OEIS has collected a skilled team of professionals who ceaselessly work to provide security and safety to the residents of Niagara Falls.

Created in 2001, by Dinah Mourise, OEIS was founded with the aim of serving humanity. Its principles are laid for serving humanity, safeguarding the lives of people while also protecting their properties. OEIS also works to protect the weak against oppression, save the innocent from deception, and focuses on maintaining peace, equality, and justice.

Dinah puts OEIS’s platform to protect the city from crimes and reduce its consequences around the country to a considerable amount. The private security firm includes corporate level investigation, fraud investigation, criminal investigation, intel, world trade investigation and internal theft.

To maintain law and order in the country, OEIS provides uniformed special agents, private protection, mobile patrol, and commercial and private event security. The firm is not limited to protecting the residents.

OEIS was created when Dinah realized that for making the country a safe place for everyone, the citizens are equally responsible. The number of crimes is increasing to a large extent and on a daily basis. If the individuals of the country themselves are not willing to step out of their comfort zone, creating a society free of crimes would be near to impossible. She said, “A crime-free society is our collective responsibility. If individuals are not willing to let go of their comfort zone in support of the government to eradicate crime and control criminal activities, it is only a matter of time before crime consumes everyone..”

In 2018 in her mayoral campaign, Dinah Mourise stated, “I am gratefully connected around  the world. I say, let’s make this a world-class city where we can actually say to children, ‘you don’t have to go, you can actually stay in the city and make a good living … today, we can’t say this.”


The firm is not just helping the people of Niagara Falls. OEIS works with a non-profit organization, Lilia Foundation, which too, is founded by Dinah Mourise. The organization was created with the vision to “rescue exploited and enslaved children, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.”

The main purpose of creating the Lilia Foundation is to save and rescue children trapped in child trafficking chains. The roots of the Lilia Foundation spreads all across Canada, the United States of America, North Africa, India, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic.

Due to the efforts of Dr. Mourise, the Lilia Foundation has been able to save almost 10,000 children from human trafficking. The children were rescued from parts of South America and the Middle East, aged between 2 to 12 years. More than 3000 children were also provided with excellent medical care. Dr. Dinah also helped the children in developing soft skills and perform better in school.


Dr. Mourise was born in 1979, in Montreal, Quebec. She was a born Catholic and has been a resident of Niagara Falls since 1995, owning several rental properties. She is a descendant of Queen Nazli, second wife to King Fouad of Egypt. Dinah’s father was an international trader because of which Dinah has lived in various parts of the world, including Egypt, Israel, Dubai, England, and Lebanon, including Canada.

Dinah was an undergraduate practicing general surgery from 2008-2011, graduating from the University of Cairo, Egypt in the year 2007. She proceeded to obtain her Master’s degree in Political and Forensic Science from Hertfordshire University in England in 2013. Moreover, Dinah’s father in law served as acting president of Egypt in 2013. Dr. Dinah is married to the son of President of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt.

Even though Dinah has a royal background and she could have lived a life of affluence, she decided to pursue a career in Private Protection and Forensics and continue the path of rescuing children caught in human trafficking and slavery. She is married to the son of President of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt. Dinah’s father in law served as the acting president of Egypt in 2013.

If more people like Dinah continue on making such efforts and succeed, it is safe to say we can negate or better yet, eradicate social evils such as human trafficking in the near future.

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