What Factors Will Have the Biggest Impact on the Packaging Industry 

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Business Feature

The packaging industry is a foundation for all commerce. Consumers don’t see the processes that go on to develop and assemble packaging, but they do notice the outcome. While the sector is crucial in today’s era, it’s going to become essential within the new decade.

Many factors will play a role in how the industry develops and changes. From new technology to standing out among the competition, packaging has new adaptations in the coming years. These changes help the industry to follow trends, keep up-to-date with public interests and maintain profits.

The following five factors will have the most significant impact on the packaging industry.

New Technology

The tech industry affects all other sectors, providing new ways and methods for getting things done efficiently. The packaging industry is no exception. Innovative technology will help packaging experts develop new designs and aesthetics, better materials for transportation and improved tracking abilities.

Something else tech will enhance is sustainability. Now more than ever, the push for green living and eco-friendly production are affecting businesses. Any trend can drive a profit, and the movement for sustainability has reached new peaks. Consumers want eco-friendly packaging and production. With powerhouses like Amazon making green commitments, other companies and industries must follow suit.

Sustainability is a theme that recurs in every trend, but technology will bring it to fruition for the packaging industry.

Market Growth

As new technologies continue to emerge, so will new markets and economies. For instance, augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are two innovations that are changing the game for all industries. When these new economies open up, they will entail some form of packaging.

Another form of marketing growth comes from the household. Average incomes are rising, meaning that consumers will be more likely to spend. This shift will also require more packaging needs and materials. Single-person households are becoming more popular, too, entailing more packaging in the form of moving boxes, more product purchases and everyday items. Packaging will ultimately benefit from these increases.

Consumer Trends

In the digital age, consumers want things fast and convenient. The trends will always follow consumer needs and interests, and as e-commerce offers an infinite variety of things in quick and easy ways, consumers will use them. The use of online shopping is only increasing, too, and with more online purchases comes more packaging.

People are increasingly investing in all things on-the-go. From food and drinks to medicine, people have necessities they keep on them throughout the day. Therefore, packaging must be light-weight and portable for those who are on the move.

New types of packaging will emerge because of consumer trends as well. With new and increased product sales, companies will want packaging that contains and transports the products sustainably and cost-effectively. This change will drive the need for new designs and developments.


Packaging can make an impression on people. The design alone can lead to a purchase, and if the product is popular enough, competitors or individuals may want to sell something with similar packaging. The need to stand out in the crowd will influence the future of this industry. Companies will want specific materials and designs to protect against counterfeit or fake products. Packaging will adapt to providing that individuality and thus grow in dependency and popularity.

Brand owners are going to be more likely to invest in the best packaging in terms of product containment and shipping. They will want to stand out as much as possible and be unique enough that consumers won’t purchase fakes or alternatives. The sector will use new technology and trends to create better packaging for all needs. Companies will then follow the United Nations packaging codes for the best forms of packaging.


A package isn’t just a box, it’s a means of marketing and consumer interest. Whether it’s concerns for sustainability or a consumer purchasing a product for the sole purpose of design, aesthetics can make or break a product. For instance, in the shipping world, Amazon has a package design that someone can identify instantly, helping with brand recognition.

With in-store packaging, brands will start to focus more on their designs for containment and labels. Styles like minimalism, maximalism, vintage and retro will all affect the future of the industry. They will stand out to customers and appeal to those who enjoy or identify with the designs.

The Future of the Packaging Industry

As packaging becomes a marketing tactic of its own, the industry will grow and become more crucial than ever.


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