Anmol Singh – An Entrepreneur, A Giver More Than A Taker, Believing In Giving Back To Community

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Education Feature

There are many characteristics and skill set that every individual is born with. Some are generous, some are social. Others prefer being all by themselves, some are exceptionally good at a subject, while some people are born with the ability to speak in a crowd. But a characteristic that almost every human has is the will to help those in need.

An individual is taught to help others from a very young age. As a matter of fact, helping others is one of those characteristics that are innate. It is taught not just because it is a basic code in the good etiquette diary, helping others is what makes someone human. The act of servicing the community also helps in broadening the concepts and perceptions about the world. It gives individuals the chance to do something good for the people who are in need of help and a chance to make a difference in the community. Through helping people, a person also finds ground to become humbler, open-minded, and an empathetic citizen.

Among the people who have been setting examples for others, Anmol Singh stands as an inspiration. Anmol Singh comes from the stock and forex trading industry, while also running multiple businesses. This 28-year-old is the co-founder and CEO of Live Traders, an online stock market, forex, and options educational platform. As of today, he is an entrepreneur, an exceptional Foreign Currency and Exchange entity, and on top of it all, a true humanitarian.

Anmol Singh was born in Delhi, India, on April 23, 1992. He pursued a BSc degree in Honors in Business & Management from Brunel University London. Anmol developed an interest in trading while still in college. However, before anything good could happen, he faced the consequences first. He spent an entire year in trading without any profits believing in the greater good and the hope for a miracle. He started as an amateur, but after a year, he had a good grip on how things worked in the trading industry. After his share of experiences in the market, he started to become a profitable trader. Eventually, his trading became notable and caught the attention of several investors who asked Anmol to carry out trading for them.

Quite a while after, he set his foot forward to pursue his dreams, and in 2015, he co-founded with Jared Wesley, who shared the same dream and possessed the experience and knowledge of the trading market. This was Anmol’s first step towards doing something good not just for himself, but for the better of the people all over the people. He set up the online institute as a guide to help the young, struggling traders learn the art of forex and stock trading.

Anmol Singh’s online institute helped him get featured in several different online platforms podcasts as well, enabling him to influence a larger audience. These podcasts circulate all across the internet, making Anmol Singh an online influencer in the world of finance and investing.

Anmol Singh has always been a helper for his community. He was also at the front line of charitable work and volunteering. He was sent a letter by the members of Baldwin Little Leagues, who asked the young entrepreneur to sponsor the league. Anmol did not think for a second and took the opportunity to make the members happy. Singh said, “If you are running a business in a community, it is important to have some kind of community give back. Volunteering is something that I like to make part of any business that I do because it gives me purpose and drives me to do my business a lot better.” He also helped in collecting donations for the little league for upgrading its field and getting new t-shirts for the summer season.

Anmol Singh also organized a fundraiser, Feeding America. The fundraiser was launched on his online training platform, Live Traders, where he allowed the students to attend the training session at whatever price they wished. He donated the entire earnings from that program to charity, stating that donating the money helped him find something better to do with his business and donate more charities. He has been an active

Besides being an exceptional trader and investor, Anmol Singh also owns a franchise of an auto repair center. He works for more than 12 hours at his auto repair shop, managing to greet the customers who walk inside the shop, while also assisting the customers who ring at the shop. Anmol Singh single-handedly manages his operations with the belief to do something to help people. He stated, “I’m always looking for new opportunities to support my community in any way, and I’m hoping to continue to give back every year to them.”

In 2017, Anmol Singh’s online educational platform for stock and forex traders announced a scholarship program. His aim wasn’t just only to become financially independent and help his family; he dreamt of helping and inspiring the young traders. The scholarship program was Anmol Singh’s gesture of helping and giving back to the financially less fortunate. The scholarship program helped the deserving and qualified students get a chance to be a part of the training programming for free and at great discounts. The founder said, “Our goal with the new Scholarship Program is to help qualified individuals change their lives and brighten their future opportunities by putting stock market, options, and Forex trading within their reach.”

Anmol Singh is a true believer in helping people. Not only does he believe in giving charity, but he is also an inspiration for young traders and entrepreneurs. He works hard and makes sure that he is the first to help the struggling traders excel in their field.

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