What Are The Landlord’s Rental Responsibilities?

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Jobs Featured

Landlords are practically business owners. The tenants that are serviced are the clients and the rental property is the asset. Landlords are responsible for fully taking care of assets in order to make sure that investments are protected. This includes taking care of repairs, upkeep, accounting, payments and more. Deacon.co.uk mentions the following as being the most important rental responsibilities landlords have.

Property Maintenance Tasks

Laws can easily vary from one region to the next when it comes to respecting property standards. Snow removal, outdoor furniture and lawn care are all things that need to be monitored by the landlord. You should not let the trash accumulate or go against parking guidelines. Property maintenance is always a top priority and a responsibility for the rental.

Performing Local Repairs

Tenants, according to law, have the right to be guaranteed habitability. Landlords have to take care of all the repairs that are needed by the rental property. This includes things like clogged gutters, peeling paint, and devices that are faulty. All have to be fixed in a timely manner.

Repairs have to be a priority for the landlord. For instance, if the gutter is malfunctioning and water pools near a home, it can lead to mould and even structural damage. The basement will be wet and too much moisture will be created. By keeping up on necessary repairs, various costly issues can be avoided in the future.

Mortgage Payments

This is something that few people know but it is an obvious landlord responsibility. In case you were not aware, the mortgage is a legal agreement through which a financial institution lends money in exchange for a property’s title. The loan is offered with interest. If the money is not paid back, the title becomes void. When a mortgage payment is missed, late fees appear.

Fortunately, banks do not foreclose rental properties after payment was missed. However, this does not mean that the missed payment is not reported to credit bureaus when a specific timeframe passed. As a result, the credit score is negatively affected.

Maintaining Insurance

Before a mortgage can even be established, lenders require proof of insurance. This is standard practice when you want to take money out through a mortgage loan. The insurance policies that are needed by landlords are specific and range from workers compensation to private property insurance. When the landlord does not know what insurance is needed because of a lack of knowledge about the law, an insurance advisor needs to be consulted.


Landlords have clear and strict rental responsibilities. Besides the ones that were highlighted above, others might apply, according to local council decisions. The landlord has to always be aware of every single responsibility and needs to make appropriate modifications when it changes. You have to meet responsibilities or you will end up faced with fines or even be considered liable for some damages that might have appeared. Fortunately, this is rare and landlords have the experience needed to make smart choices while respecting their responsibilities.

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