Should you Become a Teacher? 7 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Teaching

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Education Feature

If you have been thinking of pursuing a career in teaching, the chances are that you’re weighing the benefits and limitations of the job. Well, no career is perfect. Careers and life have inevitable stressors and issues that you might like less compared to others. Therefore, it’s crucial that you know the benefits of a teaching career and decides whether or not it’s something you want.

According to, there can be just a few careers satisfying as making a significant difference in helping young people shape their lives. Becoming a teacher gives you a chance to mentor, inspire, and help young people to become productive members of modern society. Here are the top reasons you may want to pursue a career in teaching.

1. Make a significant impact on young people’s lives

Most teachers firmly believe in making a real difference in kids’ lives. Each day, teachers work with students. This is an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of these students. Nearly everyone can remember the positive things that they learned from their teachers. Indeed, much of what you teach will remain in the minds of your students for many years.

Also, teachers help mold future members of society through a curriculum and the personal wisdom they impart. They have the power and ability to teach core subjects and life skills. In most cases, teachers spend a lot of time with the students. This is a perfect chance to teach young people time management, handling life stressors, social skills, and other crucial life skills.

2. There’s a high demand for education experts

The teaching profession is expected to grow significantly in the next 10 years. Over 1.5 million jobs in special education, elementary, and secondary learning institutions are likely to be created. You can be one of these teachers.

3. Each day comes with new things

Most flourish in a work environment where they already know what to expect each day. For other people, repetitive tasks, particularly from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day, is deeply unpleasant. If you never want to get stuck in a rut, becoming a professional teacher might be right for you.

Well, teaching is an activity that seems to thrive on variety, and two days are never the same. The nature of the job allows you to spice up your daily tasks as you handle new units in the education curriculum, learn new topics, and, most importantly, get the chance to instruct and impart the lives of new students every year.

Even if you are a high school teacher and supposed to handle the same lesson content for several hours in a day, you will be interacting with new personalities and faces each period. That means it is unlikely that lessons will unfold in a similar way. Some students will ask varying questions, have different reactions, and have different struggles. Therefore, your workdays will always be unique.

4. Better job security

Each school, state, and the district may have specific needs for teachers. However, the demand for teaching professionals continues to increase.

Modern technology may seem to replace some jobs, but cannot replace a teacher. If you are ready to take the recommended education programs and establish yourself as a professional instructor, you will get a job that you can rely on for decades.

Additionally, there is a higher level of mobility in the education sector. For instance, you can shift to regions where the demand for instructors is greater. You may also be wondering if it is worth pursuing an advanced degree. What can you do with a doctorate in education? You could become a principal, administrator, or even a college president.

5. An outstanding work schedule

Most people who become a teacher just because they need a light work schedule get disappointed. As a professional teacher, you might find yourself doing lesson planning hours after a school day has ended. That means you might end up carrying work home. If you already have your own kids, things might get more challenging.

The good news is that teachers get holidays. These are some of the great perks associated with the job. For instance, teachers get almost 8 weeks off each summer.

6. Share your passion

If you are passionate about Mathematics, Sports, English, or any other subject, teaching is a great way to do what you love. It is this knowledge and passion that make classroom lessons more interesting. Passionate teachers with industry experience make a significant and positive impact on the lives of their students.

Most experts assert that teaching is an outlet for one’s creativity. The entire job of teaching involves engaging your students. That means you must be very creative in developing and adapting learning activities. Besides, you must use the new technology creatively to bring a new world into your classroom. Indeed, the opportunities to reveal your creativity are endless.

7. Teaching career could keep you young

You are probably wondering if that’s true. Well, teachers are often surrounded by students (mostly young people). They work in a positive and somewhat energetic school environment. This is a kind of environment that can keep you looking youthful and help you retain a sense of responsibility and playfulness.

Teaching is more than just a job

According to many teachers, a career in teaching is like a calling. It’s something much more than just getting the monthly paycheck. These experts can potentially transform the lives of young people, get the opportunity to exercise creativity in a way that helps the society, and can further their studies indefinitely.

Also, being a teacher is an opportunity to lead in this century. You have the chance to introduce students to new technologies and techniques of collaborating, curating, and presenting with other people to make the world a better place.

Teachers are mentors. They are game-changers. And they do the most important work in society. Every lawyer, doctor, pilot, realtor, janitor, and all other experts must have sat in a classroom. That means teachers are irreplaceable.

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