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by | Jun 25, 2020 | Education Feature

It’s very common for parents to believe that gaming is an addictive source of entertainment with potential dangers to mental health. However, recent studies have proved that with parental involvement, moderation, and the right types of games, video games can serve as powerful tools to help develop life skills. Just like physical sports keeping depression and stress at bay, video games help stimulate the brain.

Continue reading to discover six reasons why video games can be beneficial to your child’s growth and education.

1. Improved Coordination

When one is playing a video game, he/she is not just staring at a screen inactively. Game tasks provide a lot of mental stimulation where one needs to co-ordinate their audial, physical, and visual movement. For example, fast-paced games with a lot of action require players to react quickly to situations while pressing a combination of buttons at the same time. As a result, fine motor, multi-tasking skills, and hand-eye coordination are developed.

2. Improves Problem-Solving Skills

While some games can be mindless, most video games propose a challenge and revolve around strategy thinking – ‘How can I solve this quest?’ ‘How can I defeat my enemy?’. To advance to the next level and win the game,  players need to think on their feet and logically reason how they will overcome an unexpected obstacle.

The presence of change and adaptation are built in the games so that players can solve problems in a creative way and learn from their mistakes. The ability to alter strategy combined with working memory and planning is critical in problem-solving and quick decision-making skills. It’s teaching players to be persistent and patient too.

3. Enhances Memory

In some games, instructions may be given only at the beginning of the story. This requires the players to have both audial and visual memory in order to progress to the next level or to achieve certain objectives within the game. Furthermore, mastery of the keys and buttons on your keyboard or console helps you move your characters in the game quickly, which requires the player’s constant attention and concentration – which aids in improving memory too.

4. Great Source of Learning

Many games use real historical events to drive their plots. Children’s games, such as ‘Dora the Explorer’ and ‘Go Diego Go’ are prime examples in which children explore and experience different countries, cultures, and languages. These surroundings and characters can inspire historical and cultural interest in a person and encourage them to read and conduct research, which could lead to a lifetime of appreciation for history.

5. Improves Social skills

Many people have the impression that gamers are playing video games in a dark room, with no interaction, but that’s not true. While players can be a solo endeavor, it’s doesn’t mean that you are a loner.  Many gamers play with their friends or with virtual social communities, creating a social event out of it.

The rise of multiplayer experiences online have given people a new definition of working together to achieve a common goal. There are constant communication and cooperation between the players, which results in the development of a healthy competitive relationship between them. Alternatively, for children who are introverts or having trouble making conversations, video games could be something to talk about at school.

6. Improves Leadership Skills

When video games are played in groups, players often take turns in leading and following depending on the specific skills they possess in the game. Not only do they gain leadership skills, but they also learn how to persuade and motivate others as well as mediate disagreements. Interaction with other gamers as well as making choices, taking chances, and advancing in the environment are considered to be healthy forms of competition that children will need to succeed in adulthood.

Moderation is key

WhitePreGifts believe that while the benefits stated above demonstrate that video games can help in a child’s mental development, like most things, video games need to be played in moderation. It is highly recommended that parents are familiar with the parental and privacy controls, monitor what their child is playing, enforce screen time, and pay attention to the rating. Of course, it goes without saying that all games must be age-appropriate and parents shouldn’t hesitate in trying the games out themselves first.

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