How Has Coronavirus Impacted Various Industries Around the World?

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Entertainment Feature

Coronavirus has had a massive impact on the entire world. Countries have gone into lockdown for months; businesses were forced to close their premises and schools around the world closed their gates. Regardless of what industry you work in, you’ll find that it has been affected in some way or another as a result of coronavirus.

In this article, we are going to look at the impact of coronavirus on several industries. Keep reading if this is something in which you have an interest.


It goes without saying that coronavirus has had a very big impact on retail. All shops that were not deemed essential by the government in countries around the world were forced to shut their doors. This meant that any stores that solely operate in land-based stores were unable to make any profit. Of course, coronavirus has had a great impact on those who are operating online. Online stores have seen a lot of profit and some that weren’t previously online will now stay online. This is interesting and we are keen to see what happens in the future.


If you are a keen sports fan, then you’ll know that many of the most popular sporting events were cancelled over the last few months. While some things have gone back to normal and events have started taking place again, the world of sports will be changed forever. The impact of coronavirus on sports can also be linked to the impact of coronavirus on gambling. This is due to the large amounts of sports bets and operators that rely on these games to play out. Many people who indulge in these activities have moved to other gambling methods. Image Source: Pixabay


Another industry to have been hit hard by the coronavirus is the hospitality industry. Most restaurants and bars were forced to shut by the governments, and this meant that a lot of profit was going to be lost. Interestingly, this industry has learnt to adapt, and many restaurants now offer takeaway when they didn’t before. On top of this, some have looked towards delivery services and this is expected to continue even when the lockdown measures are eased.


Finally, you’ll find that coronavirus has had a large impact on the world of manufacturing. This is due to warehouses and locations where products are manufactured being shut down for long periods of time. While some were able to keep running in order to produce essential products, others were not so lucky. Many fear that manufacturing teams will eventually be replaced by robots who can do the job quicker and this fear is becoming even more realistic as a result of recent events.

Final Verdict

The world has changed over the past few months and many of these changes are set to stay in place for a few years. For those businesses that have evolved, the past few months have taught then valuable lessons.

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