Raj Properties, A California-based Real Estate Firm, Expands from 32 Rental Units to 1000 Units

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Business Feature

The state of California has a population of more than 39 million, and its economy surpassed that of the whole United Kingdom in 2018. California makes up an extremely vital part of the overall US economy, and the real estate industry is a large part of California’s dynamic economy.

When it comes to California’s real estate sector, REH Real Estate, Lowell & Vanderbilt, Keller Williams, the Agency, and Cold Well Banker come to mind. These are the most prominent real estate firms in California, but far from the only companies that are playing a part in boosting the real estate market in the state. Small-scale real estate firms are also contributing greatly to the real estate market in California, such as Raj Properties. With offices all over Northern and Central California, this real estate firm is enjoying an esteemed position in the real estate sector.

A Real Estate Firm Run by a Telugu Couple

Raj Properties was founded in 1992 by a Telugu couple, Jhansi and Dr. Rajender Reddy. Jhansi Reddy, who now serves as the CEO of the firm, was born in Choppakatlapalem (Khammam District) in Telangana, India. After the death of her father, she came to the United States with her mother in 1977. Jhansi Reddy married Rajender Reddy, a physician from India, in August 1982. She began her professional life in 1983 as a pharmacy technician in New Jersey, while her husband pursued his internal medicine residency and subsequent cardiology fellowship.

Jhansi eventually left her job as a pharmacy technician to join the banking sector and took accounting and finance courses to aid her professional development. After spending four years in banking, she began to explore various options with her husband and they finally landed on the idea of a real estate firm.

Dr. Rajender and Jhansi Reddy did diligent research before starting Raj Properties and venturing into their first investment, a  32-unit apartment building in Berkeley, California.

Building a Solid Foundation for Raj Properties

Jhansi and Dr. Rajender came from different career backgrounds. While Jhansi was from the banking sector, Rajender was from the medical field. They were able to combine their different strengths and interests in order to launch their company. When they started the company, they were parents to three young children. Maintaining a balance between their business, careers, and family life was challenging. Extensive competition in the real estate market was also a hurdle to success. However, Jhansi and Rajender masterfully navigated all challenges that came their way.

It took a great deal of market research to set up Raj Properties, and a lot of effort to lay the foundation of day-to-day operations. Even though a real estate business is difficult to manage, Jhansi and Rajender were able to do it. While Rajender worked hard to serve thousands of patients in his medical practice, Jhansi single-handedly managed the operations across the firm. At the end of every day, they drew up a schedule for the next day. By aligning their efforts with their goals, this couple was able to build a solid foundation for their business.

Expanding Out of Berkeley

After building a stable foundation for their firm in Berkeley and establishing a strong network of clients, both commercial and residential, Rajender and Jhansi decided to expand their business beyond Berkeley.

Now, over two decades later, Raj Properties has a presence in Oakland, San Francisco, San Leandro, and the Central Valley in addition to Berkeley. Starting from just 32 rental units, Raj Properties has grown to over 1000 rental units. Initially, the workforce at the firm comprised of just Jhansi and Rajender. Today, it has grown to about 100 employees.

Raj Properties is one of the most successful real estate firms in the California, and takes pride in providing people with employment and high-quality housing in addition to contributing to this state’s dynamic economy.

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