Everything You Need to Know About the CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Health Featured

CBD oil is medicinal marijuana oil administered under the tongue for maximum absorption into the bloodstream. Several factors affect the amount of dosage required for different people. The amount of dosage can also change from day to day depending on the reason for usage. For you to get a dosage that suits you, you may need to experiment with it.

However, this experimentation should not be on a whim. You need to use a CBD oil dosage calculator to help you know how to go about it. Other factors should go into consideration for the calculator to work well. You need to understand the following before making a calculation.

What Is Your Gender?

What works for men is different from what works for women. Men and women have different genetic composition. Women have a hormone-driven composition, which is not the case for men. Studies indicate that men are introduced to cannabis earlier than women. This might cause resistance in their bodies, which calls for higher doses of CBD.

How Much Do You Weigh?

Your weight is a big factor in any form of drug administration. People of different ages and gender require a different dose. You can use the CBD oil dosage calculator to determine the right dose for your weight. Keep in mind that your weight may change depending on your condition, so keep adjusting your calculations every time you get a new dose.

What Is Your Age?

Younger people require a different dosage from older people. For younger people, cells are rapidly multiplying. Healing is achieved faster in younger people. If you have a chronic condition, adjust your calculations with your age.

How Is Your Metabolism?

Your metabolism is a factor to consider. Depending on the severity of your condition, your body changes how it works. Your lifestyle also affects your metabolism. If you go from an active lifestyle to an inactive lifestyle due to your condition, you change your digestive patterns. The more you experience changes, the more you adjust accordingly.

How Is Your Diet?

Your diet is an important variable. Any drug administration requires a healthy diet. A poor diet leads to poor absorption of the medication. A good diet boosts the body to absorb good healing nutrients. A well-balanced diet protects you from getting sicker, and it boosts your healing.

What Is Your Condition?

Use the CBD oil dosage calculator to get your dose. Different conditions require different doses. Do not take a referral from your friend who has a different condition and administer the same dose for a different condition. You can go to a physician that you trust for the correct dosage for your condition.

How Severe Is Your Case?

The severity of your condition affects the dosage. More advanced conditions require a higher dose than early-onset ones. Sometimes, people with very severe conditions have a lesser dosage depending on how their bodies react to the CBD oil. The severity of the condition can affect your tolerance to the CBD. People with symptoms such as appetite loss, nausea, depression, and other severe conditions may require a special dosage.

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