Why Serviced Apartments Are Now Seen as One of The Best Types of Travel Accommodation

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Travel Featured

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The hospitality industry has certainly seen better days. Global pandemics and social distancing measures are no good for businesses that accommodate people.

While many sectors cling to life in an uncertain economy, there’s one market that hasn’t stopped growing and is steadily becoming the leading option for both leisure and business travel. Of course, it can only be serviced apartments. As per the latest Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report, bookings in the sector are still increasing.

This is a stark contrast to the rest of the accommodation industry – especially hotels, which are the main alternative. Here’s why more and more people are choosing serviced apartments instead.


Value for money is a primary consideration for most travelers. Fortunately, serviced apartments deliver in several ways:

  • Built-in kitchen allows you to cook your own meals
  • You can do your own laundry to avoid service fees
  • Rates are lower for longer stays
  • No hidden expenses or additional costs
  • Wide range of amenities come standard
  • Substantial savings for groups and families

Some creative thinking will inevitably reveal more opportunities to spend less on serviced apartments. That said, you can expect the overall price to be around 15% to 30% cheaper than a hotel room.


Serviced apartments might cost less than hotels, but that doesn’t mean they’re smaller. Another reason trendy accommodation is so attractive is the size.

You’ll usually get a separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining area. Plus, the spaces are fully furnished and equipped with all the tools you need to be productive. Depending on your provider, you should be able to choose from a number of different layouts and sizes to find one that suits your needs.


If you happen to require something from the outside world, you’ll be glad that you chose a serviced apartment, as most of them are situated close to city hubs. This is one of the reasons why holidaymakers prefer booking them. The top attractions and shopping destinations are usually a stone throw away.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about getting around since public transport will be nearby. Some providers, such as Tom Smyth Belfast, offer additional value with tour packages to give your trip structure.


Relaxing with the family? Turn on the television, choose a movie, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couches. Preparing to meet new clients? Simply connect to the Wi-Fi and make calls on the telephone line. Staying in a serviced apartment is a stress-free experience. Everything you need is already there – just like home.


Serviced apartments strive to provide a world-class experience. This can include a concierge that’s available around the clock to arrange and assist as needed. Let’s not forget that you have full privacy and security, as well as housekeeping to do your chores when you’re tired. Most providers allow you to further customise your experience when booking.

It should be clear by now that serviced apartments have earned their reputation. Keep them in mind when planning your next trip.

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