5 Tips for a Seamless Move

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Travel Featured

It’s finally happened! You’re getting ready to move! Whether it’s down the road or across the country, relocating can be a stressful, involved process. It takes planning and a whole lot of help from family and friends. But the more preparation you do, the more seamless your move can be.

People move for plenty of reasons. Maybe you got a promotion that is taking you to a new city. Maybe your kids moved out and you’re ready to downsize. Or maybe your family is growing and you need more room. All moving situations are different, but there are a few steps you take in any situation. As you’re preparing for your big move, follow these five tips to make it as seamless of a transition as possible.

1. Get the best information on your new home.

Obviously, if you’re moving out, you have to find the perfect place for you to move in. When you’re buying or selling, the real estate market can be overwhelming as you try to gather all of the facts to make an informed decision. Just trying to compare and contrast market prices or figure out if you’re being offered a fair price can be an ordeal. Thankfully, there are online services that do all the calculations for you.

Nalula homes for sale guarantees a fair price by exposing all of the data and analyzing current market statistics. With the help of this service, you can know if you’re looking in a buyer’s or seller’s market. Plus, unique filters allow you to find your perfect fit within your price range. To have a seamless move, you have to have the perfect house in a great neighborhood to move into, so finding that is step one!

2. Hire reliable movers.

Moving your whole life is already an overwhelming process, so take away any stress that you can. One easy way to do this is by hiring reliable movers to help with the logistics of packing, traveling and unpacking your home. That being said, the last thing you want is an irresponsible company that will come late on the day of the move or allow much damage to come to your belongings on the the way to your new home. It’s imperative that you find movers who you can trust with your relocation.

In the south Florida area, Solomon & Sons Relocation are making everything from residential to commercial moving easy and stress-free. With their trusted long-distance drivers and award-winning service, you can leave the heavy-lifting to the experts. Make sure your movers offer full service, treat your belongings with care and have a reputation you can trust. No matter where you are in the country, rely on a professional moving company to help you do the job right.

3. Consider extra storage needs.

Something you may not consider, but should, while you’re moving is the need for extra storage. Having extra storage options while you’re packing, selling and moving can give you space to store possessions that you may not immediately need while your living situation is up in the air. It can also allow you a head start on packing or a way to store items while your home is being shown. It’s worthwhile to begin looking at climate controlled storage prices now to find affordable, available rentals in your area. The climate control element will help keep your more delicate items—pictures, important documents, medical supplies, electronics—safe and well protected in the storage facility while you worry about moving everything else. Many facilities offer both short and long term storage, which allows you flexibility during a volatile time in your life. That’s one less thing to worry about.

4. Work smarter not harder.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done for your move, so try to work smarter, not harder. Consider planning the layout of your new home before you pack so you can organize boxes for the rooms they need to go in rather than the ones they come from. Label all your boxes upfront. You may not think you need to, but you do. Trust us on this. Also, try to eat all the food in your fridge before the move so you aren’t transporting perishable items. Remember to buy toilet paper and paper towels for the new house before you get there. These simple tips can help save you a lot of time and effort.

5. Rely on your community.

When you’re moving or taking any big step in life, your family and friends are there to support you. Rely on your community to help you through this hectic time. Have people over for packing parties or ask a friend to watch your kids while you go to house showings. You can’t do this all on your own, so enjoy the help of those close to you.

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