7 Gifts That Can Be Instantly Gifted to a Fortnite Player – Tips by InstantlyGifted

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Technology Featured

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We all know someone obsessed with Fortnite. Since you’re here, you too must have a friend or a loved one who’s a Fortnite fanatic.

Whether you understand their obsession or not, you certainly know that the game means the world to them. So, what better gift to give them than something Fortnite-themed, right?

Luckily, there’s a world of Fortnite-inspired products out there. More keep popping up, so there’ll always be plenty to choose from.

With this guide by InstantlyGifted, you’ll quickly get a cool gift that your gamer will love. Let’s dive in.

1. Fortnite V-Bucks Gift Card

Just like many other games, Fortnite offers in-app purchases. Players can buy various customizations to up their game or simply make their characters look more powerful.

The game has a virtual currency called V-Bucks, which players can buy with real money or earn in various challenges. However, there are also gift cards for that.

At InstantlyGifted, you can get a Fortnite V-Bucks Gift Card, which gives access to specific customizations or bundles. It’s a handy gift that your Fortnite player will appreciate.

2. Fortnite Monopoly

Who doesn’t love the good old Monopoly? While prying a Fortnite fanatic away from their console may seem impossible, they’d undoubtedly be excited to play Fortnite Monopoly.

Board games are always fun, and this themed set knocks it out of the park. Every location is game-inspired, and there are even Storm cards. Just like in the game, they activate a storm that players must avoid. It’s incredibly fun!

3. Xbox Live Gift Card

A digital gift card for Xbox is an ideal gift for any gamer who uses this particular console. It opens a world of possibilities, as gamers can use it to buy games, add-ons, bundles, etc. They can make purchases directly on Xbox, as well as on Windows and at the online Microsoft Store.

With an Xbox Live Gift Card from InstantlyGifted, they can also buy Fortnite customizations. So, it can be a great gift if your friend or loved plays Fortnite on Xbox.

4. Fortnite Loot Llama Coin Bank

In case you don’t know, the mascot of Fortnite is a llama. Llamas are everywhere in the game, but the most exciting is llama piñatas, which are kind of loot boxes. They’re filled with weapons, supplies, building materials, and other valuable stuff.

So, a loot llama coin bank is a must for every Fortnite enthusiast. You can’t go wrong with it. Your gift recipient will adore having a loot llama coin bank at their side while playing. And you’d help them save some money, so it’s a win-win.

5. PlayStation Network Gift Card

Here’s yet another gift card that you can get at InstantlyGifted. It’s ideal if your gift recipient plays Fortnite on PlayStation.

This gift card provides virtual money that goes straight to the PSN Wallet. So, they can use it for any game on PlayStation, including Fortnite.

6. Fortnite Merch

Have you thought about getting your gamer friend or loved one some Fortnite swag? That’s also something you can never go wrong with, no matter what you buy.

There are Fortnite-inspired T-shirts, hoodies, caps, backpacks, dog tags – you name it. There are even cookie cutters for making V-Bucks cookies. Nothing like some delicious game-inspired treats to keep them going and give them strength for beating the opponents.

You could also buy a Fortnite mug – those always come in handy. There’s a wide range of different options, but we particularly like the one that says “Eat, Sleep, Fortnite, Repeat.” It’s a thoughtful gift that’d show your love and support – even if you don’t support gaming 24/7.

One of the best products we’ve seen so far is Fortnite socks. One says, “Do not disturb,” and the other says, “I’m playing Fortnite.” They look quite fun, and hey, they’re socks – everyone could use a nice pair.

7. Nintendo eShop Gift Card

As you can see, there are gift cards for every game console. A Nintendo eShop Gift Card from InstantlyGifted allows buying various Nintendo games and their special content.

It can be an incredible gift for all Fortnite fans who enjoy playing on Nintendo Switch.

Feel Inspired Yet?

Have you found your perfect gift for your Fortnite player? Perhaps these have given you another brilliant idea? No matter which of these gifts you choose, you can be sure you’ll hit the bullseye. It’ll show that you truly know your Fortnite gamer. They’ll fall in love with the gift, and love you even more for it.

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