Does Working In The Australian Security Sector Require You To Have A Police Check?

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Jobs Featured

Under Australian law, anybody seeking employment in the security sector must hold a license. While licensing regulations may vary from state to state, they have one thing in common, you must undergo a national police check when applying for a security guard license.

Types of jobs in the security sector

People working in the Australian security sector get what is known as a position of trust, whether we’re talking about getting a job as a bodyguard, a crowd controller or a security guard. It does matter whether you will be armed or not, as even unarmed guards are required to hold a security license.

It goes without saying that people working as security consultants, security guards, security trainers or technicians must also have an Australian security license.

Types of licenses for the security sector

There are three types of licenses an employee in the security sector may be required to obtain when applying for a position. The regulations differ among the Australian states and territories, but here is what you need to know about the various types of licenses.

Master License

Security employers, whether independent or corporate bodies, must obtain a Master License to go into business. At the same time, a Master License is required to be able to employ licensed security personnel.

There are various types of Master Licenses, depending on the number of people working on a security detail. MA refers to self-employed people, while an ME license is required for using up to 50 people to perform a security job in one day.

Class 1 License

Such licenses are required for people seeking employment as an unarmed guard, crowd controller, bodyguard, armed guard, monitoring centre operator, or guard dog holder.

Class 2 License

This sort of license is required for employees who will not be performing direct security activities. You need a Class 2 License to work as a security consultant, security trainer, seller of security systems, or technician.

What does ‘fit and proper person’ mean?

According to Australian law, one must prove to be a ‘fit and proper person’ in order to obtain and hold a security license. The part about being fit is easy to understand – it refers to being over 18, in good health and maybe having some training in the security field.

To demonstrate being a proper person means one must have a clean criminal record when applying for a security license.

As requirements differ from state to state, let’s have a look at the regulations in place in New South Wales, which are very strict.

For instance, someone who’s had a conviction for a prescribed offence within the past 10 years will not get a security license. The term prescribed offence refers to drugs-related convictions, firearms, robbery, fraud, stalking or intimidation offences.

If you don’t know what will appear on your criminal record, before applying for a job in the security sector you should get a quick police check using the online services of an accredited. You can apply for an online Australian criminal history check here: apply national police check. Such a police check is 100% valid and will list all disclosable court outcomes, including findings of guilt without convictions and pending criminal charges.

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