Everything You Can Do on Your Smartphone Which Used to Be Impossible

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Entertainment Feature

Our mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our everyday lives. People simply cannot leave their homes anymore without their smartphone in tow – otherwise, they’re at a complete loss for the rest of the day. They’re an incredible technological feat that has transformed everything about our world. Even looking back 10 years ago, life was quite different. With all this being said, today in our article, we’re going to look at everything you can do on your smartphone which we used to think was impossible. Keep reading if you’re curious to find out more.

Track Fitness

People can now use their mobile phones to track their fitness levels, which we didn’t realise we could do without incredibly scientific technology a few years ago. Not only can you check how many steps you’ve taken and floors you’ve climbed in one day, but also companies like Fitbit have designed their fitness watches to work with Bluetooth on smartphones. This means you can download the results of your gym workouts or sleeping patterns and study them. Gym enthusiasts might even use their smartphone to record their progress with personal fitness goals.

Monitor Health

Another amazing application of smartphones is being able to use them for monitoring health. For example, women can download apps which help them to manage their menstrual cycles, and most phones have a medical records section on the settings. This allows people to input their information (i.e. their allergies or underlying conditions) which then can be accessed by others to help them in a medical emergency. There are even phone apps that diabetes sufferers can use to track their blood sugar levels without needing to take a sample of blood.

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Video Gaming

We used to think that video games were limited to consoles like the Xbox or PS4, but that is no longer the case. Mobile gaming has become massively popular in recent years. Smartphone users can download apps which allow them to play anything from Sudoku to Roulette, whenever they want and wherever they go. People no longer need to go to arcades; they can simply find the best online casinos on their phone. There’s even such a thing as virtual reality gaming nowadays, allowing players to immerse themselves in a 3D photo-realistic simulation using their mobile phone and VR headset.


Forget having a planner or alarm clock. You can use your smartphone for these things now. Mobiles usually have a section for creating notes nowadays, meaning people can quickly and easily write down things like their shopping list. Furthermore, you can create reminders for upcoming times or dates and your smartphone will send you prompts. This is incredibly useful for people who need to take antibiotics at a certain hour in the day. Mobile phones are inbuilt with alarm clocks, too.


Mobile phones are so advanced we can pretty much run businesses from them nowadays. Not only do they allow us to communicate with team members much more quickly and easily, but also the calendar feature means people can sync their work schedules. Cloud software on smartphones also helps workers to access and share documents with one another. You can even scan paperwork using the camera on your mobile now. And that’s not all. eCommerce apps like Etsy and eBay provide platforms to both buy and sell products, such as hand-painted earrings or unwanted clothes.

This is everything you can do on your smartphone which used to be impossible. We can’t wait to see what else we will be able to accomplish with our mobiles in the future.

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