How Can I Get Discounted Prescriptions?

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Health Featured

Whether it’s to help fight a bug or counteract long-term health issues, we’ve always found ourselves staring at the register at the pharmacy when it’s time to ring up our prescriptions.

Unfortunately, some Americans are left with the decision of buying their medication then and there or avoiding the financial hit their prescription drug would have on their wallet.

The truth is if you are paying full price for your family’s medication, you’re paying too much. Now, there’s a pharmacy discount card that could alleviate just how much you’re putting on your credit card.




Save on Prescriptions

A prescription savings program lowers the retail cost of medications for customers by providing exclusive discounts and savings at participating locations. It’s not health insurance, it’s an added helper to save you money while making sure you have the prescriptions you need.

America’s Pharmacy provides discounts and coupons, allowing customers to save up to as much as 80 percent on their prescription medication.

America’s Pharmacy negotiates on behalf of patients and their families to provide low prices, helping customers afford the prescription drugs they need, even if their health insurance doesn’t cover their medicine.

Their program is accepted at more than 62,000 pharmacies across the United States, from big-box chains to local pharmacies, regardless of your insurance plan.

How It Works

There can be big differences in drug prices depending on the pharmacy you go to, and that’s where America’s Pharmacy comes into play, helping to compare prices in your area. America’s Pharmacy prescription discount card is simple: just show, save, and go.

On their website, just look up the prescription you need by simply typing in the name of the drug and your ZIP code. America’s Pharmacy will then present you with coupons and a discounted price. You can also acquire a physical card to show at the counter to your pharmacist.

With America’s Pharmacy, you can get huge discounts on your prescription drugs, for everyone in your family. They even cover certain medications for pets. There is no limit to how many times you can use your card and no expiration date. A pharmacy discount card can really help you out if you’re willing to provide a bit of personal information.

This is not insurance. It’s completely separate from your enrollment. Whether you have private health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, America’s Pharmacy is designed to help you as a consumer when medications are not covered by a health plan or if they have a high deductible or copay.




Getting Your Drug Discount Card

America’s Pharmacy prescription savings cards can be used by anyone filling a prescription in the United States. There are no restrictions on age or income. In fact, one card can be used for an entire household.

There are three easy ways to get a hold of your pharmacy discount card:

  • Going online to
  • Requesting to receive a discount card by mail, e-mail, or text
  • Sending your discount card to your phone with the America’s Pharmacy mobile app

Available for iOS and Android, the America’s Pharmacy app allows you to find your nearest pharmacy based on your exact location, in real-time. Customers can also keep track of their most frequently used prescriptions, making it possible to access discounts and coupons even quicker. Most of all, the app assures that you can access savings no matter where you are.

Receiving a drug discount card by mail, e-mail, or text requires just basic information: your name, home address, and email address. America’s Pharmacy doesn’t require any further personal information like your insurance, social security number, or even a credit card. This is all about giving customers the quickest and easiest access to affordable prescription medication in the U.S.

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