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For several years, CBD or cannabidiol’s, safety has been a topic of heated discussion among critics.

One of its most common products, CBD wax, has received praise and criticism, with praise getting the upper hand.

According to research, there is a growing demand for CBD wax in Colorado. Figures reveal that at least 50% of adults in the area were participative users of the item in 2018. Forward to 2020, the numbers have skyrocketed to roughly 75%. Experts predict that there will be a rise in percentage by December.

What is all the hype surrounding CBD wax? Is it worth it? If you are among the people who frown on cannabidiol and all its products, we believe that you will have a change of mind by the end of this article.

What is CBD Wax?

From a distance, CBD wax looks like a pile of frozen honey. In the real sense, it is a highly potent cannabis concentrate taken into the body mainly through dabbing.

It takes shape as an opaque oil that has become more solidified and crystallized than regular oil.

If you are wondering if it is legitimate, the answer is yes. CBD wax manufacturers strive to adhere to the 2018 Farm Bill requirement.

This Bill requires all CBD products to have less than 0.3% of THC in them for them to be legal. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is CBD’s psychoactive relative that promotes a feeling of ‘high’ in users.

Due to its high concentration level, it enables you to take high levels of cannabidiol while taking in less volume. Simply put, you can get your desired results with a little CBD.

Some of the benefits of using it are a decrease in depression and anxiety, anti-inflammation, and pain relief.

How Can You Tell If CBD Wax is of a Good or Poor Quality?

Differentiating between poor and good quality wax is relatively simple. CBD wax looks like brown or yellow.

High-quality wax resembles yellowish beeswax and has a grainy feel plus is slightly sticky. Low-quality CBD wax, on the other hand, is too sticky and appears darker.

The scent is another method used to distinguish, though it is not entirely effective. It is believed that the stronger the odor is, the higher the quality of the wax.

Ways to Use CBD Wax

Apart from the well-known dabbing method, there are several other ways to sample the wax’s goodness.

First is vaporization, which is highly convenient since you can take your vape pen  with you wherever you go.

For maximum vaping experience, please go for a quality model, specifically one with a ceramic or quartz crystal heating chamber with titanium coils.

Next is by using a bong. All you have to do is put your CBD wax in the bowl of your bong, light, and inhale!

Although some forms of CBD wax have edible elements, ingesting it is not a good idea. Applying it on your skin topically is also not recommended as it will not yield much fruit.

Which are the Varieties of Cannabidiol Wax?

There are four main types of CBD wax:

  1. CBD Budder

It is created through air pressure and purging hemp at high temperatures. The result of the procedure is fluffy wax with a consistency similar to that of butter. This feature is what gave this variety its name.

By purging and whipping it like a batter during purging, the concentrate transforms into a waxy substance that users prefer to dab because of its sticky consistency.

  1. CBD Shatter

Also known as CBD crystals, this wax obtains its name from its crystalline or glass-like structure. Its tendency to shatter apart also gives it its name. It is produced by using heat or chemicals to obtain the oil, then after it cools and starts hardening, it assumes the look of amber-colored glass. Terpene is added to it for some flavor.

This is one of the purest forms of cannabidiol concentrate and can be crushed into a powder referred to as CBD isolate.

  1. CBD Crumble

CBD manufacturers use the same extraction process used in budder to create this wax. The only difference is cannabidiol crumble uses a pre-purged cannabidiol oil that is higher in viscosity and moisture.

The final product is crumbly wax with a feta cheese-texture. Due to its highly refined characteristic, it can be costly.

  1. CBD Live Resin

Cannabidiol manufacturers acquire this CBD wax by using cryogenically frozen buds, which are highly different from cured buds or dried trims. This causes it to have more potent aromas and flavors.

Freezing the plants stores more terpenes, natural oils, and cannabinoids lost during the production process.

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