Buy, Sell, Authenticate – Introducing SnkrsDen, the New Hot Marketplace for Sneaker Authentication

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Sports Featured

Even the most avid sneakerhead thinks twice before purchasing a new pair. In today’s world, the top-class and trending kicks are anything but cheap. On the other hand, when we do find them for a bargain cost, we can’t really be certain about their authenticity – and we all know how booming the phony sneaker market is today. For years, hardcore fans of the shoe have been looking for a method of spotting and staying away from fakes. Well, one business has found a solution to that, and it’s surprisingly simple.

For true collectors, it’s much more than just a shoe


Just a guy with a passion for kicks

Yaniv Bar, the owner of YankeeKicks, has been passionate about what he puts on his feet ever since he can remember himself – as he claims. We won’t even start to go into details about how many sneakers are currently in his closet at home. At some point, though, he realized that it’s an easy market for copycats, especially due to the fact that there is a whole infamous global industry around creating fake shoes.

YankeeKicks has been around for a few years now. With around 170K followers on Instagram alone, YankeeKicks offers the most up-to-date sneaker collection for sale, along with all the good old classics: Yeezy 700 Bone, Animal 3S Jordans and Nike Grateful Dead – to name just a few. But the competition with scammers and hoaxes was there from day one, and it certainly wasn’t an easy one. Not all shoe-shoppers are aware just how vast the phony industry really is and, to be honest, a lot of buyers don’t seem to understand the importance of buying originals.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 – can you tell the real from the fake?


How SnkrsDen was born

Keeping that in mind, the right way to fight back is to make sure anyone who wants to treat himself to a new shoe, knows who is on the other side of the deal. By creating SnkrsDen, a contact between seller and buyer, chances of purchasing counterfeit kicks drop dramatically – and yes, it really proved to be that simple.

SnkrsDen is actually a platform for a direct dialogue. That way, you have a significantly lower chance of purchasing a pig in a poke. But that’s not all – this digital marketplace has also made the whole process of acquiring and selling sneakers much easier, from the selection stage to the close contact even months after the purchase has been made.

Works for me, works for you

Let’s not forget that the benefit here is truly bilateral. Buyers feel more secure when they buy in this person-to-person or person-to-business format, that is understood. But the seller enjoys the advantages as well. Once they are on such a personal contact level with the client, chances are that a satisfied client will come back for another deal in the future. Other than that, it’s easier to tell another sneakerhead about a good seller like that, so the potential for blooming business is high.

The only question left is why no one has thought of that before. Well, we can only guess the answer to that. Earlier attempts probably did not succeed because the digital world, and social media specifically, weren’t ready for it. Today, however, the marketplace has become a central aspect of all social media platforms (ask Mark Zuckerberg, he’ll tell you more about that). So, what started out as a master sneakerhead’s crazy idea rapidly evolved into the world of buying and selling kicks redefined – and we all profit from it, not only the ones passionate about their sneakers.

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