Sky City Auckland Successfully Reopened?

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Business Feature

In the middle of march, New Zealand’s biggest land-based casino announced that they would shut down their business until further notice. In the beginning of October, the gambling giant decided to reopen, without any restrictions. Yesterday, they let the world know that they are working hard to improve their facilities and keep their returning domestic customers extra happy. Sky City Auckland may be successfully reopened.

In the modern era that we live in today, most people turn their gambling habits to the internet. This has led to huge competition in the market, which is constantly growing, with players having to visit comparison sites to guide them in their choice of which online casino to use. Regarding New Zealand casinos online, these sites provide their readers with reviews, bonus and usability comparisons, and more. But although the online market may seem more popular and consist of plenty of options, the land-based casinos remain relevant to many players. Sky City Auckland is a clear example of that.

Casino department going in the right direction

Sky City Auckland, containing several gambling halls, luxury hotel rooms and high-quality restaurants, reopened a couple of weeks ago – without any restrictions. During the last months they have been working hard on improving and polishing their facilities to attract back domestic customers today.

For those wondering how businesses have been going since the reopening, Sky City chairman Rob Campbell has shared with us an update. The New Zealand online news magazine Stuff have been in contact with Campbell who lets us know that the reopening of Sky City has gone well. “People want to get back to their normal preferred entertainment, and for many people, that is gambling”, Campbell said.

Expects profits to improve

Meanwhile the gambling side of business seems to be going in a direction that pleases Rob Campbell and his associates, he admits that other areas, such as the restaurant and hotel department of Sky City Auckland, are going slower. He states that the gap will remain until tourism is back to its normal.

Sky City Auckland’s shares have dropped twenty percent during the spring and the summer. But the company expects its profits to improve during the rest of the year but believe that they will not get back to fully normal figures until 2022, while in a recent interview to the NZ Herald, chief economist, David McWilliams suggested that wealth taxes should be brough in to New Zealand.

Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if Sky City Auckland’s gates can stay open without any restrictions.

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