What to Do When Your Vaping Routine Becomes Boring

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Entertainment Feature

The one thing people never tell you about vaping is that, even when you’ve completely switched over to vaping – and you know there’s no chance that you’ll ever smoke a cigarette again – you’re probably still going to think of tobacco from time to time. Maybe you’ll visit a shop and see a display of high-end cigars, or perhaps you’ll catch a whiff of someone smoking a really good pipe tobacco. Maybe you’ll just get that old urge to light up a cigarette one more time, even though you know you shouldn’t.

When you start to feel wistful about your past as a tobacco user – even though you’ve been vaping for so long that you’re certain you’ll never use tobacco again – it’s a sure sign that your vaping routine has become stale. The great thing about vaping, though, is that it never has to become boring because there are so many aspects of the vaping experience that you can change whenever you like – and if you need some ideas, this article is here to help. These are the things that you should do when your vaping routine becomes boring.

Try a New E-Liquid

The easiest – and arguably most fun – way to inject some variety into your vaping experience is by trying a new e-liquid. There are literally hundreds of different e-liquid flavors in the world, ranging from simple tobacco and menthol flavors to more complex flavor profiles mimicking the taste of cereals, desserts, fruit smoothies and just about everything else you can imagine.

Do you feel like you’ve already explored everything that’s out there? Have you already tried all of the cereal, custard and fruit e-liquids that you could find – and you’re still looking for something unique and interesting? Here are a few less common e-liquid flavor notes that are well worth seeking out if you’re looking for something truly out of the ordinary.

  • Yogurt
  • Almond
  • Peanut butter
  • Banana
  • Energy drink
  • Birthday cake

Once you’ve exhausted those flavor notes, it’s time to start investigating the wide world of smaller e-liquid makers. The boutique vape juice brands of the world are doing some really interesting things like infusing vegetable glycerin with saffron or making their own small-batch tobacco extracts. There is really no end to the level of creativity that you’ll experience when you investigate the world’s many smaller vape juice brands.

Try a New Style of Vaping

While trying a new e-liquid is the easiest way to inject some variety into your vaping experience, you can change things even more dramatically by buying some new hardware. This isn’t just a matter of buying a new device or tank that offers a marginal improvement in vapor production compared to what you’re using now. If you’re really bored with vaping, you need to think about doing something that will change your experience in a fundamental way. Maybe it’s time to retire your cloud-chasing tank and try a smaller tank designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling. You might even consider buying a new pod-based system and switching to nicotine salt e-liquid for a while.

If you’ve been buying more or less the same types of devices since you began vaping, you might find it helpful to get some expert advice before you splurge on an entirely different type of vaping device or tank. That’s where reading some e cigarette reviews can really come in handy. Reading reviews can help you understand how the different types of devices and tanks work and will give you a better idea of what can potentially spice up your vaping experience.

Try Building Your Own Coils

When you’ve experienced the full range of what vape tanks with pre-built coils have to offer – you’ve tried it all, and nothing seems all that interesting anymore – building your own coils is the final frontier. Building your own coils means buying a rebuildable atomizer and putting coils together from scratch using heating wire and cotton.

Why can coil building help to relieve the boredom when your vaping experience has started to become stale? It’s because coil building means that you can tinker with a virtually endless variety of variables in the never-ending quest to find your ideal vaping configuration.

Here are just a few of the variables that you can play with when you build your own vape coils.

  • You can change the wire material. Kanthal is the most popular type of wire for coil building, but you can also build coils using stainless steel and nichrome. If your vaping device has a temperature control function available, you can also build coils using nickel and titanium.
  • You can change the wick material. Most people who build their own vape coils use cotton for the wicks. Cotton transports e-liquid efficiently and has a good flavor, making it the ideal wick material for most vaping scenarios. While cotton wicks have many benefits, though, people have also experimented with a variety of other wick materials including hemp, rayon, ceramic and even steel mesh. Each wick material will affect the performance and flavor of an atomizer in subtle ways.
  • You can change the design of the coil. Some people take kanthal or nichrome wires and twist or braid them into elaborate shapes to increase the surface area of the resulting coils. You can also alter your coils by switching between single-coil and dual-coil designs and by changing the wire gauge or number of wraps per coil.

Coil building is so full of variety that it’s virtually impossible for it to ever become boring – and if you’re an experienced vaper, rebuildable atomizers are definitely worth exploring. After you’ve been building coils for a while, you may eventually decide that building a new coil from scratch almost every day can be a bit tedious. Even when you become an experienced coil builder, you’ll find that building a new coil takes around 20-30 minutes. You may decide that it’s ultimately more enjoyable to use a tank with pre-made coils. By the time you reach that point, though, you’ll probably find that you’ve successfully cured your case of vaping boredom.

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