Everything You Need to Know to Complete an Online Degree

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Education Feature

Online education is certainly the way forward, especially for working professionals. While bachelor’s do still offer more benefits on-campus, particularly for young adults, master’s degrees are ideal for online. They are best chosen later on in your career when you want to make a change in the direction of qualify for the higher-level role.

How to choose a Degree

To choose the best degree, you simply need to find the degree that will allow you to do your dream job, or to work more in the niche of your industry that you are most passionate about. Those working in healthcare, for example, might want to move on to the policy, in which case a Master in Public Health from VU Online is the ideal choice.

Not only are there so many high-quality degrees out there – and in niches specific to your goals – today, but they are also designed and offered in an exclusively digital environment. They were made for working professionals so that you have every chance to succeed at the work/study balance. The only thing left is to follow the tips and tricks, so you know how to succeed when completing an online degree:

How to Improve Your Energy Levels to Tackle Work and Study

One of the biggest barriers to success for those working and completing an online degree is managing energy levels. If you feel dead tired after work, use these tips to improve your energy levels so you can tackle a degree successfully:

1.     Get Better Night’s Sleep for More Natural Energy

The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to try to get at full none regularly. Simply aim to sleep at the same time every day, and then wake up eight or nine hours later. Your body’s natural rhythms will start to adjust, so you naturally feel tired at bedtime, and wake up naturally even without an alarm.

2.     Eat Better for More Natural Energy

Skip foods high in salt, fat, and especially sugar. Aim for natural products instead, especially those high in fiber as this will help you regulate your energy levels through the day, and can even help you lose weight!

3.     Exercise Regularly for More Natural Energy

You need to have at least thirty minutes of exercise a day, but only fifteen of those need to be vigorous. You can start your day with a stretch that works to open up your body and encourage circulation. Then, after work, you can do a short workout to keep your body strong and better able to handle stress.

How to Revise and Learn Throughout the Day

To improve your study methods and to take the stress off from your final exam, you will want to use these tips:

  • Use Your Commute
  • Use Your Breaks
  • Set Aside a Block of Time for Your Degree

Use the Resources Available to You

There are a variety of resources you will have available during and after your degree. Make use of them to succeed when completing your degree:

1.     Online Libraries

You will have access to online libraries and resources as standard, and in many cases, you should continue to have access to at least some of these resources after you graduate through alumni access. Use this to keep up to date with the latest theories in your field, so you can continue to use your degree to push your career forward.

2.     Student Success Coaches

Most universities will have a careers department and provide you with a student advisor. You can think of this person as your success coach. They are there to help you make the most out of your degree and career.

3.     Your Fellow Students

Your fellow students are great to know for two reasons. One, because you can form online study groups and help each other through complex concepts or, at the very least, just provide support as people going through the same stressful period.

4.     Alumni Network

Finally, get in touch with fellow alumni. Not only can they help you with your degree or any assignments you may have, but they are also excellent to know for your career. After all, they had the same background as you, and they know first-hand how beneficial your degree is in your field. You could see if they know of any opportunities if they can write a letter of recommendation, and so much more. There will be alumni mentors, as well as a variety of alumni events you can join once you graduate, so you can continue to benefit from your great degree.

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