How much is the Aloha POS System?

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Business Feature

The Aloha Point of Sale (POS) system is popularly used on the market. This system offers many mobile POS options and three terminals for your business. And it is widely used by restaurants, bars, cafés, and other food-related businesses. Many times people find it difficult to access information about Aloha POS pricing.

However, Aloha pricing is determined by the software costs, hardware costs, and payment processing. This article will discuss the Aloha POS system and how much it costs to purchase it.

Aloha POS Pricing

Aloha POS does not publicly advertise information about pricing on its website. So it is difficult to say the exact cost for purchasing this POS system. However, you can contact a representative if you want to purchase an Aloha POS system. They will give you a custom quote according to your specific needs.

However, the hardware requirements for this POS system will constitute a large percentage of total costs. You will also pay additional fees for the software and customization. According to POSQuote, Aloha POS pricing also includes standard card processing fees.

What Industry is Aloha POS best for?

Though Aloha POS has equipment that can be installed locally, it also includes a cloud-based app. This allows you to access data from any location, and when you pay for Aloha Restore, it backs up your data. Aloha POS is commonly used in the foodservice industry but is most-suited for full-service restaurants with many customers.

NCR Aloha POS is very suitable for large and medium-sized food businesses. Small businesses may find the pricing to be steep, and it also includes some features they do not need. Aloha POS has advanced reporting and inventory management features.

What are the Aloha POS Hardware and Operating System Requirements?

The Aloha POS system runs on iOS, Android, and Windows (Windows 10 and above). The POS system is customizable to suit your hardware setup. Aloha hardware includes:

  • 10″, 12″, and 15″ NCR desktop terminals
  • Orderman handheld devices
  • NCR 7779 tablet with built-in NFC support
  • An iPhone or iPad for tableside ordering with the NCR Mobile Aloha app

What are the Features of Aloha POS?

Aloha POS makes up for its steep pricing with numerous useful features for your business. These features include:

1.   Online Ordering

This POS can handle the demands of a busy restaurant when it comes to ordering. It includes features that help to make the process fast and easy.  Aloha POS has mobile ordering, online ordering, contactless delivery, etc., features for ordering. It allows you to manage your menu and make the necessary changes to food orders.

Aloha POS can also integrate with third-party delivery apps like GrubHub and DoorDash(source) and comes with a QR code for payment. It allows you to accept payments securely with tokenization and point-to-point encryption. You can also accept mobile wallet payments and debit cards.

2.   Inventory Management

Aloha POS also includes inventory management features to help you keep track of your stocks. It allows you to know when to restock items that are almost finished to avoid running out of any stock. Aloha POS can also help you predict future sales amounts and guest tracking. It runs these kinds of reports every 15 minutes.

3.   Check Splitting

Aloha POS includes features for splitting checks for groups who are paying with different cards. This feature can save you a lot of time.

4.   Customer Management

This POS system includes a customizable add-on loyalty program that you can use to reward your customers. It provides information about who your top customers are, allowing you to reward them. This feature is also useful for setting up effective marketing campaigns. You can also track your customers’ feedback with Aloha POS effectively.

5.   Contactless Dine-In

You can set up your hardware in a way that allows NFC payments like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Apart from this mode of contactless payment, your customers can also pay with a QR code. All they need to do is scan the QR code on a receipt with their mobile devices and pay by themselves.

Furthermore, there is another contactless payment option called self-ordering kiosk, and it is good for quick-service businesses. It alerts your customers by sending them SMS updates when their order is ready. It also visualizes orders that have been completed.

6.   Tipping

This is another useful feature that can help you manage your employees. You can use Aloha’s POS Table Service setting to pool tips and split them easily for your staff.

7.   Reporting

Aloha POS system does not have many reporting features, especially when compared to its other features. This POS has a dashboard that gives you access to the product, sales, and employee reporting. You can also compare data from different store locations, see product trends, calculate labor costs, etc.

The reporting features are easy to use, and the reports are not complicated. However, this is good if you are no interested in advanced analytics. But if you want to dig deep into your sales, you may not be able to do it with this system.

8.   Purchase Orders

This POS system includes features that allow you to make and track purchase orders. It also helps to recommend purchase orders according to your trends. You can also automate your kitchen scheduling and loyalty programs.

9.   Compatible Credit Card Processors

Aloha POS comes with credit card processors in NCR Merchant Solutions. These credit card processors allow you to accept all kinds of payment with different credit cards. It integrates with third-party platforms like Poynt and Tablesafe as EMV devices for payment. Aloha POS comes with software support, hardware, and services.

10.  Real-Time Ingredient Tracking

You can track your ingredient levels when you have many customers to help servers know when a particular item is finished. It helps you restock items once they get used up.

11.  Store-By-Store Comparisons

Aloha POS system also includes features that allow you to compare different locations and find out where you have the highest sales for some items. You also get to know locations where some items are not selling at all. This will help you transfer inventory between different locations, depending on where they are needed.


Aloha POS system includes numerous useful features and is most suited for large and medium-sized businesses. The Aloha POS website does not contain any information on pricing. If you want to know how much it costs, you must contact them and get a custom quote. If you need a POS system that can handle the busy demands of your business, go for Aloha.

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