The Cannabis Industry Is Booming – And Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Business Feature

The US marijuana industry has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the last few years and is now worth billions of dollars. The number of states legalizing cannabis is increasingly growing, for both medicinal purposes and recreational use, and consequently this boom appears to show no signs of going away any time soon. All this is causing significant shifts in both public policy and public opinion when it comes to the once-controversial plant. There’s also a rapidly-growing market for its sister product, cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabis compound that can now be found in a vast variety of products, from supplements to skincare and bath products.

Cannabis qualifications

Naturally, this boost in business and jobs has also led to an increase in the number of cannabis-related qualifications on offer. These are as varied as the job roles they are intended for, and aimed at people from all walks of life. For instance, current college students at certain institutions can take individual modules in specific legal or business-related aspects of the cannabis industry, and doctors can take professional development courses to enable them to prescribe medical marijuana. If you prefer to focus on CBD, there are courses that are centered on that too.

It is also possible to now take an online cannabis college certification from wherever you are in the world. These may focus on a range of different aspects of the cannabis industry, from cultivation to regulation, and can set you up nicely for a career in the field if that interests you. In addition to learning more about the subject, studying for a further qualification can also boost your soft skills, such as teamwork, networking, critical thinking, and both written and verbal communication.

Cannabis jobs

One of the great benefits of having a thriving marijuana industry is the huge amount of new jobs that have been created. Reports suggest that over a quarter of a million people in the US are employed in a cannabis-related role, from cultivation and retail to marketing and legal services. This is only set to increase, and at a speed outpacing the majority of other industries. This is partly due to the wide range of expertise required in the field, as well as the general growth of the market. While some are relatively low-paying positions, such as agricultural and retail work, there are also a significant number of high salary roles being created in areas such as finance and media.

Cannabis and COVID-19

Compared to many other industries, cannabis has weathered the COVID-19 storm well. Lockdowns actually seem to have driven an increase in sales thanks to people spending more time at home, with many cannabis companies reporting an increase in consumer spending during this time. Some even theorize that the added anxiety caused by COVID-19 has been a key factor behind the growth in adult-use cannabis sales. All of which means that despite the current economic uncertainty, the marijuana industry appears to still be a safe bet as a future career choice.

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