Top Tips for Manufacturing Executives

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Jobs Featured

Being a part of the leadership team at a manufacturing company comes with a great deal of responsibility. Business operations and productivity depend largely on the decisions you make, and your team looks to you for guidance during their day-to-day operations. In order to be an exceptional and motivating leader for your team, it’s essential to have the right tools on your side. The following resources and integrations that can make positive impacts on your manufacturing company’s operations. By utilizing these resources and tips, you will be able to streamline the workflows of your team and promote productivity in customer service.

Purchase IPv4 blocks to maximize efficiency.

IPv4 stands for Internet Protocol version 4, and it’s the basis of internet language and rules for network functions. IPv4 is the reason why computers and servers are able to communicate with one another by assigning each device with a unique, dedicated IP address. In our modern world, the amount of internet-enabled devices has increased exponentially since the creation of IPv4. However, there’s a finite amount of combinations of integers possible for IP addresses, and the large influx of smart devices diminished the amount of available IPv4 addresses. As of the last few years, there are no longer new IPv4 address space. Networks are slowly switching over to the next generation of IP addresses which is IPv6, but this isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight. This is why many companies have to buy IPv4 address blocks to assign dedicated IPs to their devices and servers.



The main predicament that many large enterprises find themselves in when purchasing IPv4 address blocks is that the majority of IPv4 addresses have been blacklisted. In order to buy an IP address with a clean reputation, you’ll want to look to the pros at IPv4 Connect for help. IPv4 Connect is a secondary market for buyers and sellers of IPv4 addresses. Buyers can trust the dedicated IPs they purchase via IPv4 Connect because they verify all of their sellers and clean all of the IP addresses and IP blocks available on their whole website. Especially in the startup phase, you’ll want to only source dedicated IPs from trusted sellers, and IPv4 Connect ensures that they IP blocks on their site are safe for use. The verified owners that they work with are from various Regional Internet Registries, and they authenticate every dedicated IP address and dedicated IP block to ensure they are legally registered and transferred.

A video security system will protect your business.

As a manufacturing executive, you know that your facility and your team are your greatest assets. This is why it’s vital that you protect them. The best way to ensure the safety of your employees and equipment is with a power video security system. Verkada is a leader in enterprise standard security cameras. Their newest generation of the dome security camera model includes advanced features that are changing the standard for enterprise surveillance cameras.


Their versatile dome camera can be used in several different environments. If you choose an installation location that is outdoors, the dome camera offers a high resolution image clarity even in complete darkness and extreme temperatures. Verkada’s dome security camera is designed to be durable. They not only can withstand severe environments but it’s also tamper-proof and resistant to any possible vandalism. Dome cameras in general are a popular choice among businesses for outdoor use. One of the cons of installing a security camera outdoors is that they are highly susceptible to tampering, but having video transmission from high traffic places like the parking lot and front door are essential. This is why Verkada’s dome security camera is the perfect solution to this predicament.

Other advanced features offered by Verkada’s dome model cameras is night vision. Their dome cameras come equipped with infrared (IR) sensors that ensure high quality video transmission in low ambient light and even total darkness. It’s essential to utilize features such as these because intruders often consider darkness the ideal conditions to act. The dome model’s infrared LEDs offer an IR illumination range up to 30 meters, and it can identify any anomaly in the surroundings. Verkada also utilizes automation to pinpoint an anomaly in the darkness even when your physical security team isn’t present. Not having a security system with these capabilities can lead to a costly learning experience. Verkada is dedicated to preventing intruders from threatening the safety of you and your team. These advanced features allow your team to respond to any possible dangerous events in real-time, and the presence of their dome camera alone acts as a preventative measure in security for your business.

An OKR system can maximize your business operations.

Managing a manufacturing facility requires focus and organization. Getting your entire team on the same page and streamlining communications is a sizeable tasks. OKR has become a popular means for motivating teams and promoting goal achievement with large enterprises. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, and it highlights the importance of focusing on measurable achievements to achieve ambitious company goals. The WorkBoard OKR software encourages success by aligning team goals with a results-based business strategy. Workboard is the only OKR offering results management by creating strategic plans made up of strategic priorities for your teams day-to-day process. By clearly stating the key results expected of your team, your will see productivity and output greatly increase within your organization.


Workboard’s OKR results management solutions prioritizes measurable, real-time results. Workboard makes it easy to update data with their OKRs, and this provides your team with clarity for target goal achievement. The OKR software integrations offer frequent performance reviews for your team, ensuring they always have the right priorities and are doing productive work during their workday. Individual staff performance management is an essential part of any business, and Workboard helps you monitor this while also monitoring performance as a whole.

From a leadership point of view, alignment of your company’s strategic priorities and your business strategy is essential. Workboard is considered a pioneer of enterprise strategy development and deployment. This enterprise results platform is a leader in OKR integrations. Their OKR methodology not only helps keep your team on track, but it also utilizes automation in order to analyze the mounds of data your company produces and receives on a daily basis. By examining this data, Wokrboard’s OKRs can extract actionable insights that can further guide your team and increase their results velocity exponentially.

Compatibility is an essential feature of an effective OKR software. Workboard offers OKR software packages that are tailored to fit your exact business needs. These deployments help you to create strategic relationships within your team with high compatibility. With your own OKR utilization you can promote measurable results and collaboration within your organization. Implementing Workboard’s strategies from the startup phase of your company makes for a good start to your long-term success. By offering your team clarity in your expectations and goals for the organization, you will see that the key results you lay out for the team are more easily achieved in their daily workday ventures. You will quickly see an increase in the results velocity of your team. Whether it’s customer service or actual physical product output, Workboard’s OKR project collaboration tool help you achieve seamless communication and results-driven actions for your business.

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