4 Tips for Supplement Manufacturers

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Business Feature

If you’re a fan of healthy living, you’ve probably had a few encounters with the world of supplements. After all, supplements have such an influence on the health and wellness industry these days, so if you’re at all into healthy life—regular workouts, eating well, and more—you’ve definitely at least considered taking supplements before.

There are so many ways to use supplements as a part of your daily dietary intake. Some people take vitamins or minerals to make sure that they’re getting the right daily amount and are in a great place in their overall nutrition. Others take protein supplements (powders and the like) to influence how their muscles rejuvenate and bulk after a great workout.

Whatever you’re using supplements for, the supplement business is a good one to be in. Supplement companies have a wide audience, and it’s only growing— a recent study has shown that a whopping 77 percent of Americans reported taking dietary supplements in 2019.

If you want a piece of that supplement business pie, it might be a good idea to consider running a supplement company of your own. Of course, you can’t just make supplements in your basement and sell them out of your driveway. Your supplements need to be FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved, and they have to be in an appropriate, safe package to ensure a safe customer experience. If you don’t make sure your dietary supplements are safe to ingest according to FDA guidelines, that’s a great way to ensure that your supplement company doesn’t make it out of the gate. If these thoughts are on your mind, read on to learn some things you should consider to be in a great place before starting a supplement company.

1. Be the best workplace in the U.S.


Regardless of what business you’re in, you always want to be the best work out there for your employees. It doesn’t really matter if you’re an entrepreneur in the supplement industry, a small-business owner selling small-batch dog treats, or the CEO of Venterra Realty—what matters is the core values that you want to bring to your business.

After all, being the best workplace isn’t just about employee experience (although it’s about that, too). Providing a great place for people to work allows them to feel that they’re making a difference in the world. You’re not just pushing pills and powders at your supplement company—you’re supporting the wellness of the wider United States. Similarly, Venterra Realty isn’t just managing apartment communities to make money off the rent. Those real estate transactions are about providing a home for people. John Foresi from Venterra Realty would be the first to tell you that it doesn’t matter what your new product or new business is up to. Foresi is the CEO of Venterra Realty, and he knows that if you don’t have your core values straight, you won’t be in your best way. A business owner is sure to get lost and slip up if they are focusing on the retail side of things without remembering the heart’s heart.

2. Learn about protein expression and purification.

The bottom line is that, as a supplement manufacturer, you absolutely need to know what you’re serving up to the public. If you’re making vitamin pills, you better be 100 percent clear on everything that’s on the product label. If you’re selling dietary supplements for weight loss, you can’t sell them unless you know that yours is the best product out there. Similarly, if you’re interested in protein expression, you need to learn up about all how recombinant proteins are expressed and how the purification of these recombinant proteins takes place as well.

For example, it’s important to note that recombinant protein expression is usually a technique used to create different kinds of proteins (mammalian cells, bacterial cells, insect cells, and more) to be used in scientific research. This protein production helps create vaccines and medical treatments, such as human insulin treatment for diabetics. So recombinant protein isn’t exactly something to chug after a few hours at a 24-hour fitness center. Understanding your product and how a protein expression service goes about creating your proteins will ensure that you’re staying within FDA guidelines. Additionally, it will help you know who you’re selling to and make sure you keep your customer experience a safe one.

3. Water is the best dietary supplement of all.


With all the complications of creating your own supplements, one thing you can, and should, invest in is water. It’s a different product than most may associate with a supplement company, but it’s one of the healthiest, best ways anyone can invest in their health.

In all major US cities, people don’t drink enough, and that’s a fact. So, if you’re looking for a way to be the top CEO of a supplement company, maybe the beginning step is to think about the basics. Labrador Source is a great example of a water supply company that takes their great product to the next level. Labrador Source thinks of their potential customers as people who will certainly benefit from drinking more. They offer the best prices for the quality of water they’re providing, and they know that people are more inclined to drink by having water on hand. Every liter that people drink gets them that much is closer to ideal hydration.

4. Use social media to get the word out.


Even if you’ve done all your research and have developed the best product, all your optimism will get you nowhere without a great social media marketing plan. You’ll need a website with an easily remembered domain name, a LinkedIn profile that impresses, and enough content to generate plenty of clicks on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It’s not just about flyers and billboards anymore; you’ll have to get on the web to really find new markets and potential customers.

Consider an offer of a free product as an introduction to your market. If your competitors have a similar product out there, that’s great; just make sure that you have set yourself apart by making yours a unique product that no one can forget. You must make your supplements affordable so that you become the go-to supplement label that everyone knows. As you begin this journey and consider discounts or free products, make sure that your distributors have enough products to give your potential customers who sign up for your giveaway ahead of time.

Joining the wide, wonderful world of the supplement industry is a great way to make a difference in wellness in the greater United States. If you’re considering starting a supplement business, that’s wonderful. As you get ready to launch your new business, remember to keep these things in mind. If you put your core values and employee experience first, ensure that you know about the processes by which your new products are manufactured, keep everyone hydrated, and use social media (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat) to get the word out, you’ll be well on your way to being the top-rated supplement business out there. And you’ll do it with ease.

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