How to Pick the Right Casino Bonus

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Entertainment Feature

One of the biggest perks of the online casino’s popularity is that, in response to the competition between sites, many casinos now incentivise new sign ups by offering welcome bonuses.

While they come in many shapes and forms – and with a number of varying conditions attached – bonuses offer an excellent opportunity for you to experiment with a site’s games without making a significant deposit before you are sure that you like what they have to offer.

That said, navigating the world of casino bonuses – and picking one that is right for you – can be a little tricky, particularly when you are just starting out. Read more about finding the perfect bonus for you below.

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Do Your Research

Many sites will constantly update their bonus codes in order to ensure that they are always putting themselves one step ahead of the competition. For example, the Pokie Place Bonus Codes 2021 will be sure to start the new year off with a bang, and offer a brand new incentive for players to sign up.

Below, we look at three factors you should consider before signing up for a casino bonus. Knowing this will help you to do your research quickly and efficiently, and to find a bonus that will truly benefit you, the player.

Match Limit

Many casinos will offer to match new players’ initial deposits, ensuring that you are able to stretch your money much further and explore the site’s best and most exciting games. The limit these sites place on match bonuses will, however, vary significantly.

Look for somewhere that gives you plenty of scope to take advantage of the incentive. A limit of around $1,000 will fit with most players initial deposit, and ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to explore the site with your bonus.

Minimum Deposit

In order to ‘unlock’ the bonus, sites will likely stipulate a minimum initial deposit. Like the match limits, these limitations vary significantly between casinos, so take a look at the fine print to ensure that you will be eligible for the reward.

Look for a low minimum, around $20. It will give you the most flexibility for realising the full potential of the bonus, and ensure you aren’t forced to spend more than you are comfortable with at the very beginning.

Wagering Requirements

Bonus codes give you a chance to play on a smaller personal investment, but they also give you the opportunity to win real money as you go along.

In order to turn those wins into numbers in your bank account, however, the casino will place a wagering requirement within the terms and conditions. This is simply to ensure that people are not signing up, receiving the bonus, and leaving the site with the cash without any intention of actually playing the games on offer.

Wagering requirements also vary a great deal from site to site. A low wagering requirement will sit at around 20x, and will ensure that you can reach that exciting moment of withdrawing your winnings much sooner.

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